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    Ok, it's time for me to start with the updates. I'm actually going to be starting with Storm Silver.

    -Started journey and received Running Shoes, Bicycle and GB Sounds from Mom
    -Received Cyndaquil (M, Lv.5) from Prof. Elm
    -Obtained the PG (PokeGear)
    -Registered Prof. Elm in the PG
    -Arrived in Cherrygrove City
    -Received the Old Rod from the "Guide Gent"
    -Received the Map Card from the "Guide Gent"
    -Obtained the Apricorn Box
    -Arrived at Mr. Pokemon's house and saw a mysterious but familiar Trainer standing outside
    NB: I've got no choice but to talk to the person. Thankfully, I get a gift out of it.
    -Received Shirayuki the Eevee (F, Lv. 5) from Mystery Trainer
    -Received the Mystery Egg from Mr. Pokemon
    -Obtained the Pokedex (both Johto and National) and registered Prof. Oak in the PG
    -Started heading back to New Bark Town
    -Released Cyndaquil
    -Battled and defeated "Passerby Boy" and his Totodile
    -Named the Rival Aizen
    -Gave the Mystery Egg to Prof. Elm
    -Received 15 Poke Balls from Lyra
    -Shirayuki learned Bite
    -Caught Feebas (F, Lv.9)
    NB: Just like Magikarp, all Feebas knows right now is Splash. I will be keeping Shirayuki in my team for now.
    -Received the Vs. Recorder from Lyra
    -Arrived in Violet City
    -Obtained the EXP. Share and gave it to Feebas
    -Feebas evolved into Milotic
    NB: Don't ask me how I managed to make that happen because I was not expecting it.
    -Saved progress for now


    Shirayuki (F, Lv.11)
    Tail Whip, Tackle, Bite, Sand-Attack

    Milotic (F, Lv.10) @EXP. Share
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