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    Ok, I've been toying with this plot idea for a while now, but so far, I've been completely unsure as to how I can go about organizing it and turning it into a basic Chapter-based fan fiction. I've attempted to put together a decent plot for several fan fictions in the past, but I could never properly set the bits of information, character-histories, and interesting ideas into a proper plot that I could go about writing. I feel I've come the furthest with this one when it comes to setting up basic character histories and the world the events take place in, but I still have -VERY- little and I was hoping that someone more experienced when it comes to writing fan-fictions could tell me what they think about the basic premise for my Fan-fiction and hopefully assist me in getting it off the ground.

    Anyways, Here it goes:

    The story takes place just before the events of pokemon emerald, fairly close to the start of Brandon/May's journey. Team Aqua and Team Magma are still fairly un-heard of in the region, yet they've been in existence and plotting their rise for several years.

    It centralizes around a pokemon Scientist/Professor by the name of Haruza and his aide, Ethan. I've yet to establish what town in Hoenn that their story begins in, but when I do, this is how it'll go.

    Haruza is a well-established pokemon Professor living in the town of [input Hoenn Town here]. He had been conduction studies in the town for at least a decade and to the inhabitants, he was a fairly mysterious character, leaving his lab on very few occasions, and even then, for short periods of time. One day, much to people's surprise, he reached out to the town in search of a budding young training to become his aide and assist him in his various projects. This is where Ethan comes into play.

    Ethan had lived in the town all of his life, and though he had been given his partner, Poochyena, two years back, his mother had been struck with a very rare condition and he had been forced to stay home to take care of her. When he learned of the Professor's search, he saw it as his chance to interact with and meet new pokemon-- The next best thing to actually traversing the region.

    After meeting the Professor and taking the job, he was instantly put to work on simple jobs such as running errands, cleaning up after the pokemon, and cataloging the Professor's findings. Though he showed up for every day for a while, the Professor never really opened up to him and he remained a secretive and mysterious character for Ethan until one day, while the professor was out in the field, a couple of Magma grunts raided the lab in search of his findings.

    With difficulty, Ethan and his Poochyena managed to defeat the grunts in a pokemon battle. When pushed into a corner, however, the two men pulled out a pair of bright blue gems from the inside of their uniforms. From those gems, brand new pokemon were created, seemingly out of nothing....A pair of Slugmas were the created pokemon, yet for some strange reason, the pokemon were made up of water as opposed to the usual magma. Ethan and his already weakened Poochyena were overwhelmed until the Professor returned from his studies, and using his trusty Blaziken, he managed to fight off the attackers who left the pokemon behind. Within minutes, the new pokemon began to destabilize and die.

    At this moment, while standing over the bodies of the dead pokemon, the Professor finally revealed a bit of his past to Ethan. A decade earlier, before he'd arrived in town, the Professor had been a scientist and an archaeologist working with several of the founding members of Team Magma, long before the idea of the idea of the team had even been conceived. They'd had a great interest in the Legendary Pokemon, Groudon, and using several ancient texts, they located a cavern deep below the Earth where they believed the pokemon to rest deep below the surface of the Earth. Instead of the pokemon, however they discovered a large cache of never-before seen crystals of assorted colors, each color representing a specific type of pokemon. After some experimentation, they realized that the gems could be used to CREATE pokemon, an act that they had originally thought to have been solely within the domain of Arceus. Each gem could create a pokemon of a specific type, but they weren't limited to pokemon that were already users of that element. Each gem could be embued with the image of any pokemon in existence and create a duplicate of it made up of the element that the gem represented. These type-spliced pokemon were incredibly powerful, though unstable. Pokemon created through this method died as quickly as three minutes, the oldest of them living to be an hour in age.

    Finding this practice to be cruel, Haruza sealed off the cavern with several of the more-informed scientists still inside and destroyed most if not all of the remaining gems, leaving with all of their research and equipment. Only a few managed to escape and go on to create Team Magma.

    Somehow, the Team Magma of their day had either discovered a new batch of Gems, or found a way to mass-produce them.

    Ethan left his mother in the care of some of the townsfolk and then set off with the Professor in order to learn how they were obtaining the demonic artifacts, and how to stop them.

    As you can see, I've only plotted out the ughtmost beginning of the Fan-fiction, and there are plenty of holes in what I do have. The characters I have pulled together are fairly vaguely developed and I haven't fully worked out their personalities. I was hoping that a more experienced writer could assist me in solidifying what I do have and turning the concept into a full-fledged story. I think Team Magma's reasoning should revolve around Groudon, though I'm unsure as to how that'll fit in, and I still haven't worked out the origin of the gems, though I'm thinking of tying those in to Arceus.
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