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Name: Jack Forest

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Personality: Jack was a very happy person prior to the recent events occurring in Unova. While a hard worker when it came to raising his Pokemon, and determined to raise the most powerful team he could muster, he would always ensure he and his team had time to enjoy each other's companionship.

After losing his team to Team Plasma, his determination focused more on hatred of Ghetsis and to seek revenge against those responsible for ruining his homeland. His once cheerful attitude has been replaced with a stern grimace.

Appearance: Jack stands in at exactly 5'9" and weighs a lean 165 lbs. His shaggy blonde hair is kept just above his eyes in the front and travels down to the top of his neck in the back, almost blanketing his head completely if his face were not exposed. From being outdoors for years, his naturally white skin has a dark even tan on most of his body, save for some more personal regions that don't receive much sunlight for the sake of human decency.

The clothing Jack wears varies depending on location and season, as the young man tries to dress in a manner that will allow him to be comfortable. Summer will see him often shirtless during hot days while wearing a shirt and shorts during the night and jeans on unusually cold nights. During the winter you're bound to see him bundled up in a jacket specifically created for the colder temperatures of Unova's northern climate. Regardless of the season, Jack's blue eyes are kept protected from the sun with an affordable pair of UV repelling sunglasses.

History: Born in Nimbasa, Jack lived the typical life of most youths in Unova. For vacations his family would travel to Castelia city for some sight seeing and would go camping in the forest next to his town with the other nieghborhood kids. When he came of age, Jack went off on his Pokemon journey to "become a master Trainer" as his father told him the day he left. The idea of what a Master trainer was or how to become one were two questions that he contemplated for years on his journey. Many suggested a Master had to collect all the gym badges while others stated that they would catch 'them' all while others still would suggest to Jack that a true Master would share a deep respect and friendship with his Pokemon. His own interpretation was one in which all were true to a certain extent, and he was content with just training his Pokemon to further better his team and himself.

Jack was making a brief visit home when he heard the news of Plasma's third revival and the beast Kyurem laying waste to the countryside. If there was a Master trainer somewhere out there, then they'd be on their way to stop Team Plasma because it was the right thing to do. And even if he wasn't one, Jack still felt that it was his duty to lend a hand in stopping them. He headed out to challenge Ghetsis, but was ambushed by Plasma grunts along Route 12. Foolishly Jack expected the 7 criminals to fight fairly, and wasn't prepared for what followed. One by one, his strongest six Pokemon fell in combat against a swarm of over twenty Pokemon despite their higher training. Had it not been for the intervention of a small group of Rangers, Jack wouldn't have made it out with this life.

When he returned home from his crushing defeat, the town guard was preparing to defend the city. Ghetsis has set his eye upon attacking Nimbasa. Learnign from his mistake, Jack withdrew all of his boxed Pokemon and prepared for battle. In total, he had 133 Pokemon of various species at very different levels. Some he had never a chance to properly train while some were trained fairly well, but not to the extent of his strongest line-up. He fought the best he could along with other trainers from the town. Still, even with their combined forces they were no match for Plasma's hoard or the gripping might of the mutated ice dragon.

He watched in horror that day as many of his friends, both man and Pokemon alike, fell to single ice beams. The legendary power of Kyurem was too much for any of his Pokemon, and they fell like ants. The battle took a toll for for the worse when his parents were caught in a blast Ghetsis intentionally ordered at the Pokecenter where many townsfol took shelter. His last Pokemon was the first one he had ever caught, a female Tranquil that he evolved from a Pidove under his care. She knew the battle was lost, and instead of fleeing, she blasted Jack away with a whirlwind and then charged the mighty dragon. As Jack spun violently in the powerful gust of wind, his last vision was of her being blasted with an ice beam. He awoke some time later of a small fishing boat heading to a different region, although he does not recall how he got on the boat.

Starter Selection: Charmander with Dragon Pulse as the egg move

Legendary Selection: Articuno

RP Sample: I think my character's history should suffice.
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