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    Need another?

    Name: Greyson Cole

    Age: 15

    Gender: Male


    Greyson is very reserved and prefers to keep to himself. He has never cared much for making friends and prefers to be alone. It is not often that he is heard speaking and when he does choose to talk, he can tend to be condescending and short. He hates any attention being aimed his way, and tries to stay low-key in every situation. In his silence, he is very analytical. Greyson is constantly scanning his surroundings and the people around him.

    His lack of interaction with people has caused him to not be a very experienced battler. This lack of experience does not bother him, though, being that he is not a huge fan of battling due to his passive personality. Nevertheless, through his constant analysis, he has learned many techniques from other battlers he has witnessed. He is easily able to apply what he has seen to the appropriate situation when the times come that he is forced into battle.

    Apart from all that, he is a major interest in reading and arts. If you look in his backpack, you will always find a sketchbook and novel of some sort. Apart from reading fiction, he stays read up in current events.



    Greyson has light green-blue eyes that stay barely visible due to his hair. His normal attire is seen above, but can be subject to change due to temperature and weather. One thing that is constant, is his backpack that never leaves him. It contains the few items that he holds dear.

    History (3 paragraphs minimum):

    Greyson was born in Blackthorn City of Johto, but moved with his mother, Amy Cole, to Lentimas Town of Unova when he was young. It is there where she met a man named Charles Dust. A charming man who treated her great, and Greyson even better. After a little over a year, his mother and this man married. A baby girl came along shortly after. This baby, the baby of both Amy and Charles, became their purpose. Greyson was fed, and taken care of, but was given no extensive attention. It was as if he barely existed.

    This treatment caused him to become cold. He gave up trying to get the attention of his parents and everyone else. He became quiet and just watched. When the times came that there was nothing to watch, he became bored. It was out of this boredom that he got into literature and arts. His interest in art spread from his solitude and he would start to draw as he watched. He would draw his surrounding: the people, the pokemon, everything.

    Through school, he would not always pay attention and would only pass with average grades. He wanted no praise nor scolding. Greyson would sit in the back and do his usual drawings, taking in some important things here and there which would be noted in the corners of his sketchbook. Some things would catch his interest, and he would easily excel in them. Overall, he went through most of school unnoticed.

    His interest in reading and constant analysis of his surroundings saved him a little bit sooner than the rest of Unova once it came under attack by Ghetsis. Lentimas Town's wasteland nature brings in some sketchy crowds and Greyson once overheard a man of such talking of the uprising of Ghetsis and his search for a powerful fiend that could destroy continents. He began to research and eventually read the legends of Kyurem. This put a fear in him. A fear for his life.

    By this time, he had lost all feeling for his family. Through all his research, he had not only discovered Kyurem, but a new super continent that was under scientific research. If the rumor he heard was true, he did not want to be around when the attack happened, not to mention the thought of a new continent struck his interest. Only a few weeks before the attack started, he left his family and stowed away to the new continent, unphased by absence of his "family".

    Starter Selection: Cyndaquil “Cinder” (reversal)

    Legendary Selection: Latios

    RP Sample:

    “GET BACK HERE!” A crewman of the ship screamed as he chased Greyson through the ship. “You are not supposed to be here without clearance!”
    Greyson did not say a word, and kept on running until he his the helm of the ship. He quickly scanned his surroundings to see there was nowhere to go.. nowhere to hide.

    There is no where else to go.. and I am so close.

    He turned his back to the nearing crewman and noticed they were not far from land. It was not civilized, but it was land. Looking back at the crewman with a smirk, he leaped off the ship and made his way to shore.

    Nothing, but wilderness. I have to make my way to a town.

    (He has no knowledge that Ghetsis has yet made his attack and his journey will start with him emerging from the woods and into Rootdry town where he discovers that Unova is no more)
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