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I'm not really sure which reservations are still active or not. So I'm just gonna throw a rock out there and ask if I can sign up for Sky Kingdom?

E: ACTUALLY I looked back at the first page and there's an opening on Great Sea that I didn't notice before. I'll go for that.

Katherine Celia Burke
Age: 25
Allegiance: Kingdom of the Great Sea
Position: Other (Wealthy Merchant)

Standing at five feet and seven inches, Katherine is both lean and distinct. In her city, it isn't hard for the citizens to recognize her long, brown, braided hair and her sharp, blue eyes. Katherine has thin, arched eyebrows and tanned skin from extended time in the Sea Kingdom's sun.

When Katherine is working she wears modest dresses and headpieces which allow her to blend in with her fellow merchants. Outside of that she wears long dresses and beautifully made gowns. Adorned with jewlry and intricate designs, Katherine's clothing adequately describes her wealth. While the dresses are beautiful, they are not as elegant as the dresses worn by nobles.
Even young, Katherine knew what it was like to be respected. Her father was the chief spokesman, or the leader, of the cities' Merchant Guild in one of the many cities in the Great Sea kingdom. As chief, he regulated trades and prices; with all his power he was seen much like the cities' mayor. As his daughter, Katherine would be one of the first to feel the effects of wealth.
However, Katherine's father didn't like the idea of lazy women and didn't allow his daughter to only enjoy the wealth: he made her work in it. With orders from her father, Katherine became an apprentice of the Merchant Guild when she became old enough and learned the trade. Instead of being an apprentice of the lower members of the guild she was taught directly by her father since becoming an apprentice to someone else meant signing her away. As she became more familiar with the trade, Katherine became a prominent member in the Merchant Guild, not because of her relationship for her father, but because she was able to perform her own duties, and well. Her training didn't quite stop there. Along with learning a trade, her father taught her how to fight as well. As it was part of the job for a merchant to travel, Katherine's father wanted her to learn to defend herself. With rigorous training from a tutor each day, Katherine learned not only how to effectively use a dagger, but a short sword in case any danger arose. She was also taught how to fight with a Pokemon. It was here that Katherine not only receive a pet, but a partner and a protector.
Katherine received her Pokemon, Mantle, as a young Squirtle that had been traded to them rather recently. Through their training, Mantle and Katherine became closer and closer and seem to be able to communicate just fine through handle signals and tilts of the head rather than talking. Mantle was trained to give power to Katherine's quick and (compared to a man) weaker movements. Together, Katherine and Mantle make a charming and well-connected team.
Species: Wartortle
Nickname: Mantle
Estimated level: 32
Mantle is a very healthy looking Pokemon. His tail and ears are the purest of white and his skin is a very full shade of blue. Mantle has many scars on it shell from battles and training, but regular polishing eliminates any worn look. In the center of Mantle's shell is the symbol of Katherine's guild. He carries around a satchel where he usually stores food, small items, and sometimes money or messages.
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