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    haaah, finally finished. i just couldn't get it together quite right...
    ... also, um, there's an CSS guide in the Pokémon Clubs section somewhere, too. i haven't had the time to look at it yet, but it seems doable c:
    in any case:

    FULL NAME: Hazel Rowe
    AGE: 21, Twenty-One
    ALLEGIANCE: Kingdom of the Skies
    POSITION: Blacksmith
    APPEARANCE: Hazel stands at almost 170cm (5’6’’) and sports an overall slender build, although she has strong, slightly more muscled arms. She was named for her brownish hazel eyes, which are very uncommon in the kingdom of the Skies. She has long, reddish-brown hair reaching about halfway down her back when untied, but she usually has it in two pigtails on the sides of her head.
    Her everyday outfit consists of a short, light brown jumpsuit with dark brown and red accents on the chest and side. A brown belt rests on her hips, equipped with her dark red scabbard and pockets to keep her smithing gloves, some small tools and money in. Her arms are almost completely covered with sleeves in the same colour and accents as her jumpsuit. It’s strapped up with buckles on her upper arm, leaving her shoulders uncovered. She does wear a shield-shaped iron shoulder guard on one side, and on her hands are leather fingerless gauntlets.
    Her lower legs and knees are covered by iron greaves and knee cops, with which she wears black tights and shoes to go with.

    HISTORY: Born the daughter of a (formerly) travelling weapon merchant and a spirit medium, Hazel grew up in the turbulent center of the Capital, Lavender. Partly because her mother’s assignments required her to be away from home most of the time, she pulled more toward her father. She had fun playing in his newly opened store, slowly even becoming its mascot as it seemed customers were just as eager to see her as she was to see them.
    Because of her father’s influence on her, Hazel grew up a lot more pragmatically than most. She wasn’t one for all the spiritual influences that nearly everyone in the land – her mother as well – was so hung up on, but she wouldn’t start conflict with anyone who did hold such beliefs. After all, it might keep away customers. But that wasn’t their worst. No, the worst came on what Hazel remembers as the worst night of her life. In the dark of night, her father’s store was raided by a bunch of felons. They took everything; the money, the weaponry, but this was none of Hazel’s concern at the time: for she had lost something far more dear to her. Her father’s life was lost protecting their property.
    After this tragedy, Hazel’s mother sank into a deep depression. She would continuously seek to contact her husband’s spirit, declining any actual work. Meanwhile, their last savings were going up on food. Hazel, 14 at the time, was starting to get bitter as well, now forced to find a job of her own to support herself and her mother. The only place that would take her in was the blacksmith; a gruff old man who Hazel suspected only hired her to be able to look at her ass. Although at first she indeed was only kept around in the workshop to help with odd chores, eventually the blacksmith sent her out into the mountains to mine metal for forging. Seeing as how she had no Pokémon of her own, this required Hazel to climb mountains and such by herself. Luckily, she never fell – at least, not far – and even her lack of Pokémon would be resolved as she found a companion in the mountainous caves. She noticed a Sableye watching her as she was mining, and by occasionally offering it a gemstone she’d found, they quickly became friends. With Sableye's help, searching for minerals and gems deep inside the dark caves became a lot easier as well. These could then be sold for a pretty penny, even more so when used in weapon designs, and slowly Hazel's future started looking up once more.
    Eventually, Hazel’s gruff boss allowed her to try smithing as well. As she started forging weapons, armor and tools by herself, the man also handed her her first own sword he'd made especially for her; an iron blade with a brown hilt, endorsed with a red gemstone. Overjoyed with her weapon, she started self-training whenever she was off work, effectively staying away from her depressing home even more. Though, despite her near-daily sword practise, Hazel has no actual combat experience.

    NAME: Trump
    SPECIES: Sableye (male)
    APPEARANCE: Trump is a little bigger than the average Sableye, and it’s coloured a more reddish purple rather than the bluish purple most Sableye have. Finally, instead of two spikes on the sides of its head, the lower spike is split into two smaller ones, making three spikes total on each side.
    ESTIMATED LEVEL: 40, Forty
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