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Originally Posted by ZachLMedia View Post
In my opinion, Finn doesn't really need to be in a relationship. He should be fine as is with being an adventurer and having a pal (Jake) to live with.

I'm also very happy for Flame Princess, even though she overthrew her father. I mean, her father was evil, and she didn't want to be evil. And while Bubblegum may seem "evil" for being the one to help FP get locked up as a child, she did it for good reasons, because FP was a young girl when she was set loose from the fire kingdom with unstable powers. At least she forgave Finn, and that the two can remain friends, but I understand why FP can't date Finn, and it's for the same reason PB won't date him: both PB and FP have to run their kingdoms.

And knowing Cinnamon Bun, I couldn't believe Bubblegum left him in charge when Finn and Jake needed her. She should have learnt from "From Bad to Worse" that Cinnamon Bun isn't the brightest citizen, and that he couldn't be trusted.
Yeah call me contradicting, but I also really like Finn not having a relationship too. He was just letting his hormones get the best of him and he should just spend time away from trying to get with someone for a bit and spend time with friends like Jake and Lady Rainicorn again for a while. I still didn't mind the romance while it lasted.

I'm also surprised Bubblegum let Cinnamon Bun look over Flame Princess, but at least he and her became surprisingly good friends and allowed her to be more free. I think the fact she and CB overthrew her father made her realize that she shouldn't be evil. I hope they can continue being friends and help rule the Flame Kingdom. I'm sure we'll get to see more of Flame Princess and Finn together even if they're just friends.
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