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    Originally Posted by Arma View Post
    Let me stop you right there buddy, Celadon city already has more than enough to do, if you were going to make it "realistic" you'd have to add a couple of thousand more houses. *ahem* Anyways, what's the point of having so many houses? how can you keep me entertained visiting them all, without making it feel like a slog? It seems like you are just adding houses for the sake of it, if you'd map the entire Kanto region like this, the vast majority of your audience would lose their patience after arriving in Viridian city. =/

    Anyways, onto the actual review of the map. I really like the tiles you picked for the smaller houses! the ones you used for the larger ones look pretty bad in comparison though. Not only do the tiles clash, the windows are located in awkward positions. All the buildings are perfectly one a single line too, which, in my opinion, really makes for a boring map to walk through. I like the gym, but the placement is just downright horrible to me, the ring of trees really look off, and you'd do much better to use some more natural shapes to turn it into something of a park, rather than a box of trees.

    Back to the point of making it a more "realistic city" the house with the water in front of it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, other than just being there because game freak did it, surely you can come up with something more interesting to prevent the player from accessing it before they acquire surf?

    I'm generally not a fan of tall grass in cities, but it makes sense in the park-like area on the bottom right. However, the same can't be said for the patches on what appears to be the main road of Celadon. It looks horrible, and again really takes away from that realistic vibe you're aiming for. I'm also not a fan of the "front yards" of the three houses next to the Pokemon center, it looks more like 2 tiles of wilderness in front of their house, than a yard.

    Also, I'd really go with a more paved road for such a large city as Celadon, but that's not really a big concern.

    I hope I didn't come across as too negative here. n-n;; My purpose is to only provide some constructive criticism, so you can improve your maps~ I do hope my thoughts have been useful, and I'd love to see your final rendition of Celadon City!
    Thanks! I agree with you that the gym is in a weird area. And I can totally edit the tiles for the big buildings (they’re just altered R/S tiles) As far as a reason to go inside the houses, that’s more of a gameplay thing I think. But I’ll put a new pic when I have changed a few things on the map
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