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    Originally Posted by Ray Maverick View Post

    Anheim Forest
    had a lot of fun with this

    Credits to: Zein, Alucus of Borg, TheRedEx, Alistair the Dead Hero, Magiscarf, Kyledove, WesleyFG, Zeikku, Zelix, Zeikaro, Zeo254, Novus, Dewitty, Phyromatical, EVoLiNa, zetavares852, Saurav, Seiyouh, sailorvicious, ~Trebuh~, browniemakerx, LTSeraa, Newtiteuf, speedialga, PeekyChew, Ozumas, Xiros, JesusCarrasco, Cuddlesthefatcat, ShoddyBattle, Zerudez, Hydrargirium, digibody, Davias, spaceemotion, Aten974, Warpas, Stormlugia, Zusammenstellug, thegreatblaid, Gallanty

    I really like it! The palette colors for green isnt to my taste but it works well, especially the cobwebs and lights it adds great depth!Only thing i would change is the house the style of the tiles do not fit the rest to me, but looks great otherwise.

    So heres my map, havent been here in years, relearning to map and insert tiles and everything. I feel like something is missing from this map, like it feels empty to me, please suggest any tiles or decor or anything to make it more full etc thank you. And yes I see the 2 tile errors.
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