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    Originally Posted by adventure View Post
    It's 2018 and practically everybody in our society uses a cellphone. For calls, texts, social media, news, health control, you name it.

    How many days do you think you could go without using yours?
    You're sure you don't make a distinction between smart devices & cellular phones?

    All the functions you mentioned are performed by smart devices (including smartphones); cell phones have only one purpose via two mediums (voice & text), and that is assuming your cell phone has the capability to text.

    I don't mean to pick on you; I think the inclusion of "smart" language is quite important here.

    Originally Posted by Juno View Post
    Is it cheating if I can text from my laptop?
    If you want to use such language, sure. :tongue-poke:

    I suppose the question begs to be asked whether you have a phone you text from, or do you carry your laptop everywhere you go---even in the bathroom to text, assuming that is a thing? :laugh-squinted:

    Originally Posted by Tsutarja View Post
    In this day and age, probably not. It's a necessity when things like roadside call boxes and payphones are not an option anymore should an emergency arise for someone.
    Which says a lot about where our society is going regarding privacy but that's a whole other discussion.

    As for myself, yes I could live without a portable 'smart' device, including the cell phone functionality they possess for a given period. However, as pointed earlier how smart technology has become so ubiquitous in our global society, this could prove quite inconvenient.
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