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Originally Posted by Mitchman Is View Post
LoG? Hmm seems interesting enough jagold. I think you get people excited a bit to much i mean your hacks are great and all but there are those out there that are better but yeah i like yours and all.I got to play me the first 2 so i can understand whats going on. Also if this isnt the end that would mean 4-5 parts to a trilogy. Nah im sure you will make spin offs of some sort. And wow would you later be able to go to gento fuilly? I would love that. Anyway best of luck! Is that THE sinister woods of rescue rangers?
I know that there are so many hack projects which are better than mine.
And I really do not care about that factor.
I only make these hack projects along with my team just to create a new game for everyone to enjoy playing.

I would care less about competition and stuff. As long as everyone enjoys the game, that's what makes me happy.

Also, yeah, it is the Sinister Woods in Rescue Rangers... Why?
Because both RR and LoG are in the same region, Hevah. ;)