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Barry: Y-Y-Y-You're...(Screams like a little girl)
Paul: Do I need to call the nice men to take you to the happy place?
Barry: You're Shinji! I'm your biggest stalker fan! (Screams again and swoons)
Paul: .....
Jun: Battle me battle me battle me battle me battle me...
Paul: .....
*Torterra OHKOs Empoleon, Roserade, Heracross, etc.*
Paul: You're pathetic. You have no right to worship me.
Barry: (Screams again) Wow! I love you!!!!!
Paul: Hello, operator, please connect me to the nearest institution.
Barry: Wow, you've gotta cell-phone!
Paul: o.O
Oh teh noes! TT^TT Now you've gotten SL on a 'omg, Shinji does not act like that!!!' spree! =< That's the worst kind of spree.

And because the gallery is looking bare, I thought I'd give you some pictures. =3 (Obviously, I can't do crap with them, so someone can use them as renders. XD)