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    Hello PC!

    It has been some timesince I was last here. But now hopefully I will be here for a while.

    Anyway, down to business. Here is my idea for a game that I have been planning for a some timenow, however its progress is rather short. I figured that I would post it before, if not already, this idea was taken by someone else.

    This is Pokemon: Type Wars (working title)

    Alright. You might be wondering what this means. Type wars is simply describing the Pokemon types at war. Simple yes I know.

    This idea (soon hopefully to be a game) focuses back in time, well before all other regions were created. This region is made up of 17 islands forming a circle, Ring of Life, with one island in the middle. Each of the islands in the Ring of Life are all individual islands each focusing on one of the 17 types of Pokemon.


    Before the creation of the regions, there was a ring of islands, each holding their own type of Pokémon, known as the Ring of Life. These islands were once in harmony, together in a peaceful treaty. However, on the morning of on fateful day, the islands began to fight against one another, over who should have the shrine dedicated to Mew, the most powerful Pokémon. The fighting became worst, alliances between close types were formed and thus the War of Types was born.

    The Guardians, legendaries, were outraged and all fled to an island that was created in the centre of the other islands long ago, to seek shelter for Mew. Arriving there, they discovered a small village that was home to a small group of people, who loved all types of Pokémon. Upon their luck to find such people, the legendaries provided the village with almighty orbs, one of each type, which could do wonders to Pokémon of a different type. However in this desperate time, Mew had been left alone, was captured and tested upon for cloning uses. Many attempts were made before they had a successful triumph, and thus Mewtwo was born. Finally learning of this the legendaries attacked, releasing the failed attempts and rescued the dying Mew and created Mewtwo.

    Returning to the island, Mew was safe and began to recover. During this time, a templec onstructed by the villagers, was dedicated to Mew, creating Mew’s resting place of peace. Throughout time, the legendaries returned to their own temples.

    The War of Types remained for many years, and throughout it all, the Ring of Life deformed. The Ring of Life was no more and the era of darkness had begun. Shadow Pokémon begun their arrival and soon they had spread to most of the islands, except forthe centre island, where the guardian Mew protected it. Through more time, the darkness begun to affect the legendaries and turned them into the ShadowPokémon, leaving only a handful of them the same. The darkness also affected the nature of the humans, making them do things that they wouldn’t normally do. Attacking and destroying towns, landmarks and cities. The darkness is taking over and now someone must do something about it.

    Characters - Names are yet to be given

    Having grown up onean island with a selected amount of people, male is a young man brave, adventurous and wild. He’s never seen another island before and is stillcurious to why his family has stayed on this island for generations, instead of his ancestors taking action that could have changed the present day outcome. Now his day has come, Male seeks the answer to change the course of time, to revert the Ring of Life back to its original state.

    Having grown up one an island with a selected amount of people, female is a young woman full of life, daring and calm. Even though she’s never witnessed another island before, she has a complete understanding of what has happen in the outside world, yet is confused to why a sudden change in human emotions ever came about. Now that her day has come, Female is willing to make a change in the course of time, to revert the Ring of Life back to its original state.

    Yet to be produced, however the rival won't be met until a fair way into he game. (May be subject to change.)

    The Trio
    Three men who makerepeated appearances throughout the game, providing useful information anditems for the hero/heroine.

    The Starters

    The starters in the game are very unique, this is due to you being allowed to choose two starter Pokemon instead of one. First you get to choose one of three original starters of previous games:

    These are not permanent as of now and I am open to suggestions.

    The next choice you must make is between three very special Pokemon. These three are not normal Pokemon, and I have chosen them however, they will not be revealed until later.(I have to have some secrets :) )

    Here are some features that I have thought about bring into the game:


    Pokémon – There are 17 special Pokémon

    Caring system – Need to take care of Pokémon, feed them.

    Equipment – There are special pieces of equipment that you will use to make your way to and around the islands.

    Out in the field –You are able to release your Pokémon out of their Pokéballs at any time, letting them follow you. In some areas, you can let more than one out, and let them roam around. You are also able to ride some Pokémon. *Note: When flying, only Pokémon bigger that you can carry you, surfing will most likely included like this too.

    Storage system–Pokémon are stored at the laboratory. You must leave them there, as there is no transportation between the islands.

    Pokémon Centre (PC)–Pokémon can get broken bones like humans, thus needing to stay at the PC longer.

    Battle system – Havea HP bar, Stamina/energy bar, power moves/normal moves and PP for moves. Using power moves uses up Pokémon’s energy, and if the stamina/energy bar becomes empty, Pokémon will not be able to use any more ‘power moves’. Power moves drain theuser of energy. Normal moves do not drain user’s energy, allowing user togain/build up stamina/energy bar. Once HP bar becomes empty, that Pokémon faints. Having a Pokémon walk around with you will decrease its stamina/energybar.

    Find most Legendaries in their dedicated temples and others out in their natural environments

    Elite Four – There is none. You need to prove that you are worthy enough by battling 17 different trainers, using only supplied Pokémon of each type, ensuring that you only use one type of Pokémon per battle and using all types in all. After you have proven yourself, you can take on the Regions top 8 Trainers. Once defeated them, youcan finally challenge the Champion(s).

    Shadow Pokémon – They appeared when the Ring of Life was destroyed and the darkness began. They tend to live in clans, living in destroyed areas, however, they can be found outsidethese are as. Entering their areas uninvited will result in an unannouncedattack.

    Storyline – Choosing your Pokémon – What Pokémon you chose as your starter, depends on where you gofirst in the story. Only certain types are allowed on the island

    Now due to Pokemon being able to sustain greater damage than normal games, I have come up with the following table that describes the injuries that they can receive, the timetaken to heal them (the ones with a + refer to minuets), any specifications that accompany that injury, the types or parts that is effects.

    Injuries that Pokémoncan receive


    Order as follows:

    Injury | Time to healat PC | Specifications | Types/parts

    Standard HP/PP loss +status effects | +5 | - | -

    Normal HP damage |+10 | Full-half HP | HP loss

    Bad HP | +20 | Half-low HP | HP loss

    Critical/low HP | +30 | Low-1 HP | HP loss

    Fainted | +40 | No HP| HP loss

    Normal PP usage | +10 | Full-Average | PP loss

    Average PP usage |+20 | Average-most gone | PP loss

    Mass loss of PP | +30| Most PP gone | PP loss

    No PP | +40 | No PP | PP loss

    Status effects | +10 | - | Paralysis, poison etc.

    Other damage

    Broken bone | 1 week | - | Leg, arm, ribs, wing, tail

    Fractured bone | 5 days | - | Leg, arm, skull, tail, wing, ribs

    Diseases | 1 day | - | Fever

    Damaged claws | 4 days | - | Snapped, broken, split

    Damaged teeth | 4 days | - | Chipped, broken

    Cuts | 2 days | - | Small, big, deep

    Sprained limbs | 1 day | - | Feet, paws

    Chipped body | 2 days | - | Rock or ground

    Excess of power | 3days | - | Electric, fire

    Senses damaged | 3 days - 1 week | - | Sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch

    At the moment mapping has started, there has been no scripting or recuiting for this game (idea) so anyone that is willing to lend a hand let me know by PM me with evidence of the part you wish to apply for and I'll get back to you as quick as I can.

    I know that this is meant to be placed on another tread and I will get there, but for now it can sit here.
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