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    Here are another five Island Profiles:


    Water Island

    The island of waterholds calm people and has never been violent in the war, however, they have lead small attacks against other islands, along with their alliance with the ice island. They are close with their alliance, who are more aggressive in the war. The two share their secrets with each other, but sometimes loss contact with one another due to attacks. The Water island withdrew from the war, after their temple to Manaphy was destroyed. Although angry, their decision to withdraw had saved them many battles to which their destruction was inevitable.They are able to protect themselves from the war and have many secret bases around their island. Having the Ice island nearby is one of their main safety features if something goes horribly wrong.

    Ice Island

    The island of ice holds brave people. They are in a close alliance with the water island, hold no secrets but do lose contact due to war attacks. They are aggressive in war, their main attacks are concentrated on other islands in the war and those who attack the water island. Their loss of contact with the water island can last for a few hours at the least and up to days or weeks at a maximum. This does not stop them however, as the two islands can easily travel to the other, allowing for eternal communication to exist between the two. The inland surrounded by mountains has tight security, its only access is either by flight, which is difficult at times or through the mountain caves. The town has been modified greatly to be able to send and receive messages in and out of the area, and is actually the main base of operations for the war. Because of its high security, this is where all important people spend most of their time.

    Grass Island

    The island of grassis an island that has ties with the bug and poison islands. Although they arein an alliance, they are not as close as some other islands. They don’t share all information, afraid that their alliance my turn. The grass island has humble people, and they will help whoever, no matter what they need. They pulled out of the war long ago, after they lead an attack on another island and were genuinely sorry for the damage caused. This is why they are so modest today.Their ships are place in an odd spot, on the opposite to opposing forces. However, this strategic move, has made this island a target of unworthiness.T he true fact is that the city was placed there because the other areas of the island were too flat and vulnerable to place a large city any where else. This placement also allowed the Grass island to quickly access the other two islands before the other islands knew about it.

    Bug Island

    The island of bug has agile people, who have a very instinctive judgement on others. They have ties with the grass and poison islands, but unlike other islands, the three are not as close as other alliances. They keep some information from each others, fearing that their alliance could turn. They will attack if necessary, but tend to layabout doing nothing. Their islands landscape has led them to a large amount of vulnerable areas. Their largest city is protected by a mountain but its north-western corner is accessible by sea, due to the mountains low ridges. The island is mostly quite, and a calming peace always around it, so when war does make an appearance on its shores, all hell breaks lose and the island goes into a panic.

    Poison Island

    The island of poison has people of nasty thoughts and doings. They have ties with the grass and bug island, but are not as close as other islands. They are violent in the war, mainly sabotaging attacks for no other reason than it is fun. Their alliance with the other two islands is running short in their point of view, and intend to do something about it. Their islands' layout has allowed them to extend their numbers, and understand the flaws of their opponents, as well as their advantages. They are overcoming their weaknesses through numbers and have gone silent in the war all of a sudden.
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