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    Originally Posted by Ash493 View Post
    I see, so it will be the same length as the previous version. Okay thanks for answering =)
    Well the last beta only went up to the first gym. This adds a little extra not much though.

    Originally Posted by Lurtzh View Post
    what about Feraligatr back sprite? you should change it, cus its kinda annoying seeing his butt
    I love that back sprite its funny lol.

    Originally Posted by Nintendork15 View Post
    It's a feature.
    It's makes the hack somewhat challenging because the weather effects pokémon ... like rain powers water type. Sandstorm hurts all types barring ground and rock at end of turns.

    It's quite a good feature tbh.
    The weather in beta 2.1 was for the week day events to happen and also for a bit of variety. I had to use 7 different ones for each of the days. In 3.1 thats not a problem so the weather is limited to only common ones, plus seasonable weather based on the UK.
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