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From what I have seen these guys are really not that popular and whilst they are definitely not as powerful as a some pokemon I personally think that they have been over-looked too often.

Appearance: They look peculiar to say the least but I actually find this kind of endearing (except female Wobbuffet and that stupid lipstick).

Battle: They have a small move-set, very small and without any real offensive moves. What they do have however is a potentially deadly combination of Encore and Counter/Mirror Coat with destiny bond as insurance if need be. That plus shadow tag which prevents your opponent from switching out away from the affects of encore. Counter and Mirror Coat don't even take type resistance into account so if you're not immune you will take twice what you dealt (Assuming Wynaut/Wobbuffet survives).

This evolutionary group has a high focus on HP in regards to stats so can take heavy damage without fainting even though they have low defence and special def. The low defensive stats are kind of beneficial really since Mirror Coat and Counter deal double the dame you receive. They have poor attacking stats and speed but their moves make these irrelevant.

That's my opinion but what do you guys think? Discuss.
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