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Ah okay, I didn't realise that's what the first ASM did because of the freezing. I assumed it was for double battles. I don't entirely remember what moves occur in Gen III but surely there must be one that you can only use on yourself or your partner? This would be helpful in creating Aromatic Mist too.

The move name doesn't even come up. It freezes before that.
It could just be my assembler acting up, I'll double check it as well.
I rechecked and reassembled the ASM statement on a Fire Red 1.0 ROM, and it was running perfectly. If there is some problem while setting the move in your ROM, then I can send you the direct compiled hex codes.

Actually, acupressure is the only 1 move out of 619 moves that uses this unique targeting scheme and since this was from Gen IV it was not coded in the GBA. Aromatic Mist only can target an ally pokemon (similar to helping hand) (Source: Bulbapedia).