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    I got this error in a battle. After my Eevee got KOed I sent out my Cyndaquil and this happens whenever I try to access my moves:

    Pokemon Essentials
    Exception: RGSSError

    Message: disposed sprite

    Sprite_Resizer:330:in `viewport'

    Sprite_Resizer:330:in `y='

    PokeBattle_UI:579:in `show'

    PokeBattle_UI:578:in `each'

    PokeBattle_UI:578:in `show'

    PokeBattle_UI:672:in `pbFightMenu'

    PokeBattle_UI:671:in `times'

    PokeBattle_UI:671:in `pbFightMenu'

    PokeBattle_Battle:2843:in `pbCommandPhase'

    PokeBattle_Battle:2837:in `loop'

    This exception was logged in

    C:\Users\User\Saved Games/Pokemon Essentials/errorlog.txt.

    Press Ctrl+C to copy this message to the clipboard.

    It doesn't make the game crash, just keeps bringing my back to the Fight/Bag/Pokemon/Run screen over and over again. If it matters, my only Pokemon were my Cyndaquil and Eevee, and the Eevee was KOed.

    EDIT: Every time that I press Fight and it sends me back, the picture of the moves keeps getting moved up a little bit.

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