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    Sadfurret, if your gonna say somthing need to be better please state what it is and how it could be :P.

    Anyways I want to inform you all that I want to keep much of the storyline a screct. I will tell you that theregion Poloral, is known for there earthquakes,moutains, and thunderstorms. No one really knows why this is being there is no explaination to why these things are so serve. Legends have it that two pokemon are the answer. It goes way back to the belif in the pokemon kings. The king of thunder, and the king rock. Two groups of people belive in the old ways of the king. The teams are lighting, and boulder. Team lighting wants to capture the king of thunder in order to use its power to Zap the world into the future. The other team Bolder wants to take the world back into the past and destroy all things modern. You are just a 19 year old kid caught in the mix. Pepare for the dark side of pokemon.

    I am not promising anything at the moment, all you can do is take a look and guess. all ideas are wecome.

    Now for some more poke pics

    First is Grakorlin, the evovle form of the starter Groller.
    Next is Dolkron
    Next is Rogolon
    Next is the other starter Chonrup
    and last is logbert
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