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    "No, if you're with Bern, you won't survive. You'll thrive. Did you see the games last year? That proves it." Says Mammon, and I turn my face away thinking over my choices. It was true... anyone that fought with Bern, almost always lived through the games, but still... I turned my face back to ask another question, but I was caught off guard by her moving this close to me. "I will not help you with any fights, if that's what you think. You may be a friend, but even I wouldn't go that far... If you want my power, you will need to make a contract." D-did she just say... a contract?

    I felt the blood rushing to my face as her smooth hand took hold of my chin, drawing it so that my own eyes looked into her own. I felt my own pulse quicken ever so slightly as she leaned even closer, saying he would need to make a contract in order to gain her powers. I paused... trying to think of options like usually did, but I didn't find any others... her powers could help to ensure my own survival. I didn't have...much of a choice... But what would the consequences be?

    "What.... What do I have to do Mammon..." I said as I clenched my fists.
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