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"Is that a good or a bad thing?" Kerin made a face. Bernkastel would probably prove to be an excellent ally but if she went around making friends with everyone, there wouldn't be any competition, now would there? Of course, there was probably a few people she would refuse to make allies with or wouldn't even bother trying; like Ryuu. She had her spat with him before, Kerin didn't think there was another way of getting on her good side. Wait, if he maybe... nope. No way Kerin could think of.

Kerin watched Fang as he studied his own necklace, then Marisa's, then looked over at Kerin's. Kerin couldn't help rubbing his chest and coughing. Again. Seriously, how was he meant to get used to this? He had had a thirst for blood for... no, he really hadn't gotten used to that either. Speaking of which, as he thought about it, his throat began to feel dry. Which wasn't that great, with all his coughing and everything. He moved his hand from his chest to his neck and massaged it, then leaned over Marisa to grab a handful of whatever was in front of him. The food wouldn't get rid of the thirst, just move his attention away from it.

"Do you know what these are?" Kerin pulled up the pendants on his necklace and waved them a little. "And what they do? Because I have no idea."
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