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"Please let me keep the cat..." Kerin looked back over at Shiro. What was up with that girl? Maybe... maybe she wasn't actually always psychopathic. Maybe that one outbreak she had was just some kind of mental disorder or she had schitzophrenia and the screaming one was the other her. Or maybe she was just so drugged up, she didn't know who she was anymore. Kerin shrugged at her and shifted Marisa over so he could stand up and stretch his arms out. He was getting tired. And thirsty. But mainly tired. They had a big day tomorrow, so he had been told.

"Well, come on, go get ready for bed then," Kerin waved his hands at Marisa. He felt his should crack then relaxed. Better. He looked over at Shiro and blinked at her. "Did you have anything to eat? There's still stuff here." She hadn't eaten anything at all, had she? When Kerin and Marisa had walked in on them fighting, she was yelling something or other. "I'll have to find something to sleep in too I guess."
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