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    I found what might be another possible problem. There does not appear to be any blocker to the south anywhere upon acquiring your starter (AFAIK). What blocker is in place that gets removed after triggering the battle with Gary on Route 22? This battle occurs with Cacnea and his starter, at Lv.4 and Lv.7 respectively, after choosing to deliver the package to Oak; however, if the player makes the delivery and ends up not traveling to Route 22 (no doubt doing all of this wondering when the old man will move from between two rocks) to check out the Pokémon League building, it could cause a situation later where the player encounters Gary somewhere, then heads back to Route 22 (say to search for Totodile after finding out it's available there, which I luckily found on my second encounter so I knew to look for it) and stumbles upon this earlier encounter via script. This could look messy if it's possible.

    I have a save state in place, so after completing up to a Gary encounter on the main game, I'll keep that save state somewhere and I might do it again followed by going backwards.

    I'll presume the Lv.1 Gyarados was meant for a laugh. :D

    EDIT: As of this edit, I'm quitting the hack and not returning to it. I was going to create a strategy guide for the game, mayhaps, but that Triathlete at the south end of Route 21 was unnecessary. A Lv.6 Furret knowing Rest? It shouldn't be EVOLVING until Lv.15, and it shouldn't be learning REST until Lv.32 (though a case could be made for Lv.28). It wakes up and immediately Rests again, wasting 5 PP on your moves. Meanwhile, it throws out the occasional Toxic, then Rests right after it. Ridiculous, and unplayable. This is clearly meant to be unrealistic and I'm not continuing with it.

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