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Originally Posted by Natural Harmonia Gropius View Post
Cloyster's ice typing screws him over though. Being pure water, Gorebyss doesn't have to worry so much about priority attacks, and she has HP Grass to take out other waters.

She plays an entirely different role anyway. While Cloyster is best as a physical sweeper, Gorebyss is best as a special sweeper. Cloyster COULD be a special sweeper, but Gorebyss has better sp atk for it. Her only handicap is that she lacks a priority move, but she becomes fast enough where it's usually not a big deal.
Yeah, but Cloyster also has a brilliant 180 base Defense that generally makes those priority attacks not even matter. And D_A brought up an excellent point about HP Grass; either you run that and lose to Ferrothorn or you run HP Fire and lose to bulky waters, both of whom Cloyster can beat handily. Yes, obviously Cloyster attacks from the physical spectrum and Gorebyss from the special but that actually plays against your argument here... Gorebyss, for example, has no way in hell it will ever break through prominent special walls such as Blissey, whereas Cloyster shreds through most common physical walls such as Skarmory and Gliscor. Cloyster is inherently faster and as such it actually outspeeds most common scarf users like Terrakion so it doesn't even need that priority, whereas Gorebyss loses to all of them and has no priority to make up for it. You're overestimating what Shell Smash does to your speed, here. Gorebyss isn't used as much as you expect it to be because it's outclassed in every role but SmashPass, plain and simple.