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Originally Posted by salmjak View Post
1: How do I script in Advance Map? If not possible how do I script in elitemap (avoiding run-time error '53' Can't find file)?

2: How do I get rid of "run-time error '13' mismatch" in A-Starter?
1. You cannot script with AdvanceMap. If you're getting that run-time error you're probably missing some needed files for ScriptEd.
Also, make sure that the ROM you're hacking is in the same folder where's Elite Map and that has no spaces in its name.

2. First of all, make sure that you have the latest version of the program. You can download it from my thread.
If the error still appears, please tell me step by step what did you do in order to reproduce the error and eventually fix it.

Originally Posted by Naoshi View Post
Thanks a bunch! It works!
You're welcome ^^