Thread: [Essentials Script] [Essentials v17] Following Pokemon v 1.4.1
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    Originally Posted by mej71 View Post
    This problem is caused by you not closing RMXP before replacing the Animations file, not any sort of script issue.

    Also, your "fixes" there don't even change the code at all, you just changed some spacing. It will be interpreted the same way.
    But I did close RMXP. Multiple times as I thought I screwed up and didn't close it, since your thread says close it and any problems are probably your fault.
    And I didn't know that the spacing doesn't matter. I was just looking for the synax highlighting, which didn't highlight the ! in the !=.
    I'm just happy I have the following pokemon now. And I'm grateful for this being plug and play.
    Resources for ROM hackers has moved.

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