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    On the 9th I caught Swablu, Taillow, Masquerain and showy Castform.

    Today I caught Minun, which doesn't seem to be region locked anymore since I saw a Plusle on the tracker today as well, Illumise, Surskit and Wingull.

    Of course the snow is knee deep right now so it's kind of hard to go out but since the event is on right now....

    I've seen a ton of Swablu and Taillow. But haven't seen any Numel, Trapinch, Nosepass, Bagon, Beldum, Chimecho or Tropius.

    Some of these 3 stage evolutions from gen 3 just aren't spawning at all, like I'm thinking Those will all be like Mareep and 400 candies for Altaria?
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