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"Practise magic? I don't even know how to do it," Kerin rubbed at his chest again. Then looked up as Bernkastel mentioned the necklaces. They locked eyes for a second then she pulled away to look at Fang. Kerin frowned. Insecurities? What did she mean by that? What did she know about Kerin and his so called "insecurities"? She didn't know him. Unless... okay, so this Vergil guy knew everything, right? So maybe he- no, don't even think about it. Bernkastel said a few things, gave some advice and... fell off the ledge. What an exit.

"A cat?" Kerin frowned at it as Vergil dumped the cat with Shiro then takes all the other animals and yeah, disappears. He rubbed his chest again. God, this felt real funny. He turned to Fang and coughed again. "I have no idea, but there goes our party."
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