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Ryuu went down the stairs, missing steps, and on a few occasions almost tripping. He was having trouble seeing anything very clearly. He knew what he had to do, and he had to do it quickly. His head felt immense pain from his head, as if a lot of blood had rushed to it.

Ryuu finally made it down and reached another area, but he couldn't tell exactly where he was at the moment. He screamed loudly, his roar echoing across, as he struggled to find his way to the agreed place of meeting. He reached another door. Like before, he broke it down. He took a look through it, but he couldn't actually "see" what was inside it, his mind wouldn't let him. All he knew is that it wasn't the place he was supposed to meet. He had done this with a few more doors around, breaking them, and checking the inside, and then moving on once he figured out they weren't the places to go. Ryuu would scream a bit after every door broken down, loudly.

Finally, Ryuu broke through one last door, and instantly, his mind recognized the room. He felt his body relax, and his head cool down. It seemed once the presence of a fight was near to him, he automatically got his focus completely back. Ryuu walked slowly around the room, but didn't notice if his opponent was there yet. Of course, he hadn't actually taken a good look around the room yet.

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