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Ryuu's senses were calm, but that calm was instantly broken when he heard a voice from inside the room.

"Oi, you're early. By like, an hour. Aren't you an excited one...."

Ryuu turned towards the direction of the voice, but his blood seemed to be pumping too much into his head again. He had trouble identifying immediately where the voice actually came from. Ryuu did some searching around the room, trying to locate the sound of the voice,before his eyes finally saw the figure of Natruo sitting on the far side of the room.

Ryuu controlled his body to move forward, but the resulting adrenaline made him almost break into a run. Finally, though, he seemed to be in total control again, as he realized he would soon be in combat once again.

"You're here as well, which means you either were expecting me to be early, or you were training here. Either way, that means you were looking forward to this almost as much as I was, so, if you don't f*cking mind, I'd prefer to get started before that midnight mark!"

Ryuu took in a deep breath, and then exhaled. As he did, he turned his body to face Natruo, and clenched his fists. Ryuu had a heightened sense of things now. He could hear Natruo breathing, even from this distance. He saw all the noticable object in the room, and even some that weren't worth noticing. He could feel the night air rush in, possibly through a small crack in a window somewhere. He could feel the rain still drizzling outside.

Ryuu was ready to fight.

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