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    Originally Posted by Maruno View Post
    I find it impossible to believe that you couldn't find any tiles or tilesets using Google. I wouldn't call myself a "professional" Googler, but I can't imagine any half-reasonable searches that wouldn't bring up some tiles.

    Your apparent skill level may also explain why you couldn't Google "RMXP" to find out what it is before replying to say you don't know what it is.

    If you'd done some research that actually worked, or even just tried to download Essentials as originally suggested (see my signature for a download link), then you would have seen that the download contains folders of resources in png format. You don't even need to know what RMXP is in order to download it and find pictures in it.

    I know it's a stretch, but I'll assume you know what a .rar file is. Essentials comes in one.

    If you have anything further to say or ask on the matter, please ask me in a Private Message rather than clutter this thread.
    Thank you, Maruno. You've helped me a lot.

    I do know what a rar file is. And yes, I should've googled it, but I was kinda in a time situation where I had to get off quickly.

    Also, sorry I didn't private message you, but I feel that everyone should know my actual skill level, where you actually seeming to me seem to "bully/ridicule" me (if that's the term I'm looking for, I'm good with computers, not english terms... in fact, the actual term I'm looking for is a word that means when someone tries to make someone else look bad. Maybe I should google that..., but all I get is a bad search. :S) when you said ("your apparent skill level may also explain...")

    I think I'll download Pokemon Essentials...
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