Thread: FireRed hack: The Ultimate Black/White Demake!
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    Originally Posted by BrainChord View Post
    Nice map TehBlazer! I guess you can't do too much when going off of a preexisting game, but the map looks pretty similar. Just maybe you should move your houses up a bit to resemble the town a bit better :D

    I'm free to help if you need any
    Thanks, it's a shame you got booted out, i need a mapper help man.

    Originally Posted by Baronnecro View Post
    i believe every religion speculates mans beast within so I don't say bad idea just a demon beast is narutoish or demon spirit. I like the idea of a monster within, adds a schism personality or something. Great art btw on your sprites from b/w. I hope mine (wink) get added as flawlessly from their sources. (and possibly your help, nudge) ty :)
    i was hoping it wouldn't be too cheezy. I mean come on, not everyone does it.

    Originally Posted by Skara View Post
    Exciting. I'll look forward to seeing shaking grass, Dragonspiral Tower and Victory Road using the GBA's power ._.How will you manage the cutscenes?Also, perhaps you need to just replace all the Hoenn Pokes and the last 15 Johtos. That way, you still have some Kanto, some Johto but no Hoenn...Or, you could be REALLY clever and somehow add 156 new Pokémon o.o
    Adding is too hard for my tiny brain. Also all those cool things will be even harder to do.

    Originally Posted by RyokoUeda View Post
    OOh! I can't wait for the download to be up!
    It'll sadly be delayed...

    Sadly, my game got deleted and I'm working overf from scratch. It won't be long before I get back to where I once was, but the screens are old and need replacing.
    Being a hero is overrated anyways