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    -Abosolutely no cheating, and/or hacking. This means all Pokemon must be legit, along with moves and stats. Gameplay cheats such as speed enhancements, etc. are also not allowed. (Emulators are most definantly not prefered and highly discouraged.) Traded Pokemon, of course, are allowed (and so is migrating); but Pokemon obtained via hacking are not allowed to be used. Please be honest here.
    That's why. It's the same reason I didn't allow myrrhman's Snorlax. This is one of the reasons emulators are discouraged- you can't trade on them.
    In your situation, I suppose you simply cannot do Johto with your Blastoise.
    But remember, you can still do other regions and do it with other Pokemon, as long as the Pokemon was legitly obtained. Really, it's nothing personal; just the rules of this challenge.