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    Shadow and I quickly ran inside a Pokemon Center and saw the weather was reporting mass changes in the climate, Snowpoint was melting, Pastoria was freezing and Twinleaf was being electrocuted by the lightning storms, other areas were being affected as well. I thought for a second and then realised the pattern, Shadow had lost hope. "Shadow, get to Lake Valor, I'll contact Torrent and get him to head to Lake Verity." Shadow paused for a minute "Make sure you have Fighting-types that Ice won't melt it must be broken". I went to the PC called Torrent who must've been near Twinleaf because of the storm behind him "Omega!" He yelled "Yeh, it's me Torrent, you need to head to Lake Verity now. Be on the look out for anything suspicous" the intereference cut the message after that. I knew that Snowpoint was in serious danger if it melted. I quickly grabbed my Water and Ice Pokemon and headed fro Snowpoint.

    When I arrived Torrent and Shadow both picked up, "Ok! listen we need to find the lake Guardians, they may be underwater for you Torrent, also be careful I think Maxie is after Azelf and Archie is after Mespirit"... the system for Torrent cut short "Why would Maxie want Azelf?" Shadow asked "Maxie will want to control Dialga to go back in time and stop Brendan from getting Rayquaza to calm Groudon and Kyogre. For him to do this he needs to warp Dialga's mind and link with him, Azelf is the being of Willpower and therefore is the best target." I hung up because I had reached Lake Acuity, I brushed through the trees trying to avoid going into the opening in case of an ambush.

    I saw someone there, A cane and a black cloak, no it couldn't be he was dead...

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