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    *We sure are seeing a lot of legendaries arnt we, let me add to that.

    I Stood up off the ground with a moan. I think i had broken my leg. I hoped up onto Lapras' back and told all the surrounding pokemon to hop on with me. Because the ground was covered in ice lapras could easily and quickly slide over to the nearby Pokemon center to drop of all the extra Pokemon from the lake. We entered the Pokemon center, and there in the middle of the room, in a bright light, was Jirachi and Manaphy. They had appeared just as we walked in. they were looking for me. They wanted to help rescue Azelf and Shaymin. I accepted their request and we left the center. Outside Cresselia was flying around the Pokemon center and trying to get us to follow. I returned Lapras. Sent out Togekiss. Then Cresselia led Togekiss, with me, Chimchar, Manaphy and Jirachi on her.
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