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    Originally Posted by Serperion View Post
    I felt all of Sinnoh was beginning to fall apart. As though the Future had been changed for the worse.
    Really what was your first clue? Lol jks.

    The air in the Pokemon Center was getting cold. Even though there were so many people crowded in here, it didn't feel stuffy. There were lots of people looking out the window and not enough room to see out. I got Cresselia to wait outside because it would fit in as long as It flew. I also didn't want to cause a fuss in the Pokemon Center, just because there is a legendary. Manaphy was still with me, I had it hide in my jacket while I went up to the counter. I thought that I could heal my Pokemon and hopefully get a few things for Manaphy and Cresselia. I walked up to the counter with Chimchar and Togekiss and asked if I could get my Pokemon healed.

    "I'm sorry, we are a little booked out at the moment, try coming back in a couple hours" said nurse joy.
    I was a little angry, but I knew that the pokemon of all these helpless trainers needed it more. I started to walk over to the inside Pokemart inside of the pokemon Center. Ever since it started in Unova, every region now had both buildings in one. I asked the lady at the counter for five potions. I bought them with the reminding pokedollars in my bag. I knew that Manaphy and Cresselia could use these potions, after all they are really helping me. I snuck over to a corner and let Manaphy out of my jacket. I sprayed it with two of the potions. I must have accidentally moved to far to the side because a nurse joy saw Manaphy and quickly ran over to me.

    "You must follow me now" she said
    I had no time to react, she was already pulling me towards a back room. I opened my eyes in surprise as I entered the back room. There standing opposite me was the legendary Musketeers. Cobalion, Virizion, Terrakion and Keldeo.

    "They have been waiting for you, look" Nurse joy pointed at a picture e carved into the ground. It was me. Chimchar was there, so was Togekiss and Manaphy. The four of us, engraved into the ground. They really were waiting for me.
    "Oh sorry about before, I would gladly take your Pokemon to get healed now. I handed nurse joy my four pokeballs and Chimchar and Togekiss followed her back to the front of the Center. The musketeers started engraving another picture. It looked like Torrent, Omega and I at spear pillar. They needed my help to get there. If I were to have them come with me it would take to long, but I had an idea. I quickly went over to the pc, while my other pokemon were getting healed I thought I would bring out Celebi. I asked Celebi to teleport the musketeers to Spear pillar for me. Celebi accepted. Then they were gone. Next thing I knew, Celebi was back. I knew it would be to tired to take the rest of us so I thanked it and returned it to the PC. Then Nurse joy returned with my pokemon. I thanked her and left the pokemon Center through the back exit. Cresselia was waiting at the back. I gave it the remaining 3 potions. I commanded Togekiss to get ready to fly, and fast. Chimchar was on my shoulder and Manaphy in my lap. Togekiss was ready, Cresselia was ready, so we flew...
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