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A Time Of Uncertainty
A Pokemon Journey RP

rated T

2 spots remaining!

A half century since the final disbanding of Team Rocket, the region of Johto has since undergone a dramatic cultural shift. Once a region booming with young and aspiring trainers, the journey to become a professional pokemon trainer is nowadays a road less traveled; in fact last year, Johto experienced an all time low in its number of newly registered trainers. Breeding and coordinators are professions rising in popularity, but neither, combined or separate, compare to the status that pokemon training had held before the past few decades. Instead, school and education have become a far more common and essential aspect of children’s and teens’ lives. The majority of Johto’s youth now attend school all the way to post-secondary education in hopes of pursuing careers outside the field of pokemon. As a result two universities so far have been built. The first and more populated of the two resides in Cherrygrove City.

While there are some schools geared toward the art of pokemon battling and training, rarely is training or pokemon at all for that matter included within the curriculum, leaving the majority population of Johto rather inexperienced with the handling of pokemon for purposes other than domestic pets and labor work. Coordinators and breeders, although excellent with pokemon, often find themselves leaving the region for greener pastures. Contests halls do not yet exist within Johto as the demand for such venues is yet to prove profitable and in a region with a staggeringly low amount of pokemon trainers, a breeder’s talent would be left to waste.

With the sheer lack of trainers, pokemon and their habitats have been rarely bothered in the past few decades. Expansion has taken place as cities have gotten larger, but the people of Johto have taken caution to irritating the otherwise temperate wildlife. With a rather odd yet applicable arrangement between the humans of Johto and its pokemon, certain people have taken the opportunity to import foreign and exotic species into the region, in hopes of integrating them into eventual regulars of the land. Some of these species have thrived within the region’s environment, free of the liability of mass amounts of trainers. Some unfortunately have not fared as well and are struggling to adapt to new circumstances.

In recent years, the citizens of Johto have begun to grow weary of their situation; as a land with an astounding lack of pokemon expertmenship is easily susceptible to attack. For a short time, the idea seemed frighteningly plausible.

The notion was eventually put to rest. The neighboring region of Kanto and its plentiful amount of trainers would certainly come to their aid of such a thing were to occur.

Then again, it’s never that simple.

Three months ago
It is the crack of dawn, a sailor awakes from a short night’s rest. Today is the day where he finally heads back home to Olivine City. He had been traveling the world, and has not seen his wife nor kids in five years. He heads to the Cianwood docks to collect his boat, the day seems perfect for sailing.

His boat sways oddly with the ocean’s pull, something about the seems off to the experienced sailor. Nevertheless he continues to sail, eager to see family again. The swaying soon turns to thrashing; he is surprised but he has dealt with worse. A slight glimpse at the sky tells him a storm is brewing, and by the looks of it not a small one either. Distracted by the sudden shift in the sea, he fails to realize the sudden wave that crashes into the side of his boat. Losing his balance from the sudden impact, the sailor trips and ends up smacking his head against a metal railing, rendering him unconscious.

The sea has since been restless, and attempts in sailing through it have ended in disastrous results. Storms and hurricanes seem to be forming at will, but stay confined to the waters. Traveling to and from Hoenn, Cianwood or the Whirl Islands from the mainland is at the time being impossible. A death wish if one dares to try.

At the same time, Tohjo Falls, the link between Johto and neighboring Kanto, suffers a disastrous cave in. A thick fog has formed around the area and those that have dared to try to pass through it have been reported as MIA.

Since then, things have slowed down a little bit. Johto, effectively isolated from it’s sister region and the southern region of Hoenn, is playing the waiting game. While many believe this to be some sort of freaky, yet natural coincidental incident, certain theorists have insisted that it is the cause of an evil force. Pokemon have even become more territorial and aggressive, causing people to often stay within the safety of their cities and homes.

Fearing the worst, Johto has decided to incentivise the journey of becoming a trainer in hopes of bringing back the profession to its former glory and reinforcing their meek trainer force. Before this decision, most kids started off their journeys with their own pokemon as after the case of Ethan and Lyra, Professor Elm went into sudden and unexplained retirement and stopped handing out starter pokemon to the region’s talented youth. Many attribute this to the profession’s downfall as most found the task of obtaining their own starter far too tedious. The league committee was able to compensate convince the old professor into once again handing out his renowned starters and like magic, the league began to receive loads upon loads of letters from children and teens all over the region requesting to be chosen for Elm’s starter pokemon. Amongst the slew of requests, the committee chose seven. These seven trainers to be have no idea they’re about to involved in something much bigger than a simple pokemon journey.

has undergone a few changes, as any would after a span of fifty years.

For starters, New Bark Town isn’t really a town anymore. Professor Elm and his family still reside in New Bark but Ethan’s and Lyra’s parents both moved out decades ago. Those two houses have since been torn down along with the professor’s lab and the only building that remains is his personal house. New Bark Town now serves mainly as a grassy plain where wild pokemon come and go at their own pleasing.

Cherrygrove City has undergone a rather large expansion, mostly to accommodate the construction of the renowned Pokemon University, named after the late Mr. Pokemon, and its dorms. Contrary to the name, the university only offers a few pokemon courses. The southern part of the city, where the university is located, is filled with college students.

Goldenrod City is also home to it's own university, this one built in the recent decade. Other than that not much else has changed in the bustling city. Most towns and cities have small schools of their own and have seen a slight increase in population.

are one of the seven children chosen to receive a pokemon from the ex professor. Prior to your selection you were attending school, already working or maybe even attending trainer school to hone your skills. Whichever the case, the league felt you and your story worthy of the honor and if it wasn't obvious, you're from Johto! The recent and mysterious happenings have done little to directly affect your life and at the moment serves mainly as a scare and cause of worry. Perhaps you have your own suspicions about them but with your journey set to start soon, it’s the last thing on your mind.

sign-up sheet
Age: 13-17
Appearance: For those of you wondering, this roleplay will take place near the end of fall/autumn, meaning winter and cold weather is right around the corner. Dress warm folks!
Starter: If you want, you can write a personality section for your pokemon. This is optional.
Other: Anything I didn’t cover that you would like us to know about your character? Put it here!




  1. follow and read the rules
  2. follow the forums' rules
  3. This’ll be rated T, have fun and keep things appropriate. If you’re unsure if your passing boundaries, feel free to ask.
  4. I will not be making reservations for a certain pokemon but feel free to let me know which one you'll be going for.
  5. If you are going to be inactive for a period of time, let us know. The same applies if you want to drop the RP. With that said, try be as active as possible for the sake of your fellow RPers.
  6. Respect your fellow RPers. If there are issues between players and neither of you(hopefully there isn’t more) can sort it out, let me know through a PM or something along those lines and I’ll try my best to sort it out.
  7. Add a personality section in your sign up ;)
  8. I will decide if captures are successful. High quality posts may result in goodies!
  9. Levels can be awarded outside of battle if I feel that your pokemon is growing in some way.
  10. Pokemon can learn up to 6 moves at a time.
  11. There is a 6 pokemon party limit, catch any more and they will be transferred to a PC box which you can switch pokemon in and out granted you are within a city.

Accepted Characters
Red's Hawt Chibi Pelippers as Jun Toledo
chuckleslucifer as Taichi Skylit
Starlight Sprite as Annalise Paige Fairwing
Kranic as Anise Blair
Shad0wChas3r as Christopher Hartland

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