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    Thanks buddy!

    The OW has been changed in that sense that it is now the Platinum one. I like that one better. I might change the color eventually, but so far I'm quite happy with it.

    I'm sticking with the default D/P/P overworlds.

    Yesterday I tried to upload a video that was... well... loooong. It took me 2 hours to upload on YouTube (you know how slow it is, right?) and when it reached 100% it just stayed that way. Left it on for half an hour. Then just took a chance and stopped the uploading. Bad choice apparently, since the video is not online.

    All in all, I AM trying to show you guys how far I got, but God or something else wont let me. Maybe for the good, since I still saw some stuff I need to edit in the dialogue.

    I can say though that the TR sprites are not the blue ones anymore. Theyre now different Galaxy characters (slightly edited one) that just look better.

    I finished Mt. Moon and am now working on Cerulean City. Which is awesome, since it's real fun to make the gym. It's not just a room, you see, it's this giant circling pathway with an aquarium and... you'll see...

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