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@IceFyr: The adoption/mentoring program was shut down rather recently I'm afraid.

@StinkomanFan: Hmm... Welcome to the Roleplay Corner! Glad you decided to join us. Now, what you have so far isn't bad. I'd like to recommend the rather obvious room for improvement however. You should add more content! Especially the personality and history section. It's my belief that if you properly develop your character you'll have more fun playing them. That being said, you should also know that there's a minimum post length of 100 words. Your Opening post was 113 words, but you should be aware that that's a Roleplay Corner wide rule so you don't get in trouble. (This only counts for IC posts, of course)

That being said, I do have some basic suggestions for developing your sign-up. Where did your character grow up? Which city, that is? Did they ever move? What was his relationship with his parents before said incident? Any noteworthy occurances in all those years? How did he get along with the others around him? Lastly, how did all that effect his personality? Get creative and think it all out. Use creative language if you have to.

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