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@Machomuu: Tut. Tut. Now those are some interesting questions I'd love to see answered. Regardless--It's true that I've been forced to make plans in order to accommodate other RPers in Fallout, but I originally had no plan of how the RP would end. None. Nada. Heck, if some of you recall I hadn't even finished my characters by the time the RP was ready to start. |D The original intention was that the /players/ decide how it ends, and I fully intended to take a back seat and let others try to work out an end to the RP as merely someone to keep things from getting hostile and unfriendly.

That has changed of course. I have made plans regarding a possible end to the RP as a cautionary measure in the event nobody really /wants/ to take those reigns, however in the spirit of the RP I'm still open to the idea of letting other people play dungeon master. That being said, you should /totally/ exercise your mind and come up with ideas. Run them past me if you feel like they might conflict with Fallout's preset setting, but otherwise I'd be perfectly fine letting you guys help to come up with a plot worthy of ending the RP.

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