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    Not sure if I can get used to the theme song :\ but it's only a small part of each episode. I did not expect Nurse Joy's aide to be Wigglytuff (also didn't expect a voice change). But it fits with the pink blubber Pokémon standard. The best part of the episode: DEDENNE :3 I FINALLY LEARNED HOW TO PRONOUNCE ITS NAME. And it's also enjoyably cute. Lol at the scene when it tried to pluck the berry. About James catching Inkay, it was definitely not the highlight of the episode. No special introduction, no recurring encounters, and no emotion that is usually showcased when James catches a Pokémon. Just a spontaneous throw and it's caught -_- it's not that bad though because Inkay is one of my favorite Kalos Pokémon.

    So 3 episodes into XY and Ash has already obtained two Pokémon. It seemed like Froakie did its own thing during the battle and Ash kinda just watched. Maybe I was too focused on the animation to be paying attention to Ash's voice :P

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