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Story #1 and #2

Earth and Sky

Anyone here in the poke communities RP Boards remembers Earth and Sky. This is, for lack of a better world, a pokemon journey that changes the formula where instead of going to gyms to attain badges, your going to an island inhabited by pokemon with a higher intellect and ability to tear trainers to shreds in large groups. You strive to attain a single badge or the components of one to participate in the league contest to have a shot at the championship against an overpowered and unfair elite who have more tricks up their sleeves than the players themselves.

Instead of the players earning their spots, they have to wretch it away from life to claim for their own and survive... Or so, that's how each one was meant to be played out.

I picked Origin and Beyond for 2 reasons, Origin was the latest Lethia region and Beyond takes place in a new region all together, depending on what's voted, they will differ in how they operate from what the players will be facing and the environment which they will survive.

Team generation is going to be tricky and changed since we're moving from a forum format to a tabletop RPG format.

Story #3

Life in Bits

Life in Bits is a very small side project I've been throwing around for fun. It takes place in a massive game-like world called the HUB where everything and everyone is a video game character, either a character that already exists or a character of your own creation. You can traverse the world in your Hunter's ship, sky-pirate ship, sky bus or even a hover board. In the world, there's a virus that's been going around that's been eating the world and the characters themselves must find the cause of the virus and destroy it before they become deleted themselves... So think Zootopia meets Wreck it Ralph or 'Ready Player One' except minus any input from humans period, the characters are sentient enough to understand what's going on and do what they want. The setting is more like the present with about 15-20% sci-fi, each of the characters having a HUD to manage maps and inventory, kinda what you'd see out of Log Horizon or Sword art Online, but the game world crashing and messing up due to the virus such as buildings growing sideways on trees and ducks swimming under water to eat fireballs.... which don't question, it's just how messed up the game world will become.

Story #4

Is exactly what I mentioned above.

The land is an endless sky with only a handful of islands that are floating. These islands are kept afloat using Hearth stones, which are the equivilant of Moon Stones from Skies of arcadia, they help keep stuff flying.

You belong to a guild of assassins and thugs which have no real prejudice against those who looks to join up and are being hired by a rich merchant. This merchant is looking for a seat on the city council in a city made out of flying airships clustered together, whether the ship is made from stone, to wood or bone and leather. There's a slum beneath the city and their hearth stone is failing, the merchant wants to replace that stone as a sign of good faith in order to secure his spot in the council. The rich and noble above have always had full control over the council seats and don't like the idea of the middle class merchant getting in so they start their own campaign and laws to keep him out or try as they might.

So where do you come into this? He's hiring you to go find a new hearth stone, there is a law in the city that you can't buy and or posses a Hearth stone which has put him in a pickle, going through this guild as a back channel to get the stone needed since barely anyone is of the 'legal' sort in this guild to save the slums and the people in it.

If you have an idea what you want to vote for, post it here or shoot me a message.