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    Originally Posted by WeightyWillBill View Post
    I'd like to see an electric typed Headbutt sort of move, like Lightning Stamp or something (I'm no good with names ;_; ). But electric needs more physical moves for things like Zebstrika who have a higher physical attack stat.

    Also, some more standard Special grass moves would be good, as giga drain is the most reliable right now imo. Something like Nature Wind or something stop judging me D;

    And I would absolutely love better Dark-typed moves, as it is my favorite type. Something powerful like Pitch Black or Night Crawl would be good moves. The former would be a really powerful special move with the chance of confusion, and the second one is a powerful physical attack that may paralyze or something of the sort.
    For the electric move, how about 'Bolt Charge'. 120 base power, 85 accuracy, electric version of megahorn and power whip. This move would be perfect for zebstrika and electivire. "The user charges toward the target at the speed of lightning, dealing high damage."

    I want a grass type with the ability drought, so it can come into the fight, attacking with STAB solarbeams (at least for five turns :3). With high speed and special attack, we could finally have a grass sweeper!

    I don't need to write down ideas for powerful dark type moves because I already have!

    Originally Posted by Haza View Post
    I would love a move called Radiation/Nuclear Explosion that is electric/fire, but with have a poison effect. There should be a Pokemon that is specifically a radioactive Pokemon. I think a Weezing evolution would be perfect. Hakking... Electric/Poison with a radioactive symbol instead of the skull and bones?
    This would be an AWESOME evolution to weezing! One problem though, 4x weakness to ground!!!! (oops, I forgot it had levitate :embarrass)
    With levitate, this typing would have 1 immunity (ground), 7 resistances (electric, grass, fighting, poison, flying, bug, steel), and 1 weakness (psychic)!
    It's signature move could be 'Fallout', this move badly poisons the foes team, and when they switch to a different poke, they get poisoned too! Even steel types! The downside? Only lasts for five turns.
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