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Originally Posted by Laugh View Post
I've been inactive for a really long time, so I think it's time to catch up with you guys. Everything's spoiler'd because not all people want to read my rants, sadly.
Glad to see you back around here Laugh! :)

This is so adorable. I made my own, but she doesn't really look like an Adventurer, if you ask me. I like the pants, though! I might buy a pair of jeans with that color soon. I'm a sucker for different-colored pants, see.

I really like the pants. Looks good to me. Not really sure what an Adventurer should look like but I guess my get-up is like that. Lol.

Wow, I didn't know this. The Adventure Time creators always have tricks up their sleeves, don't they? Well, I don't really know what to expect in Season 5.2. Most of the eps have been completely random since season one, but there are some that actually have a story behind it. I think in Season 5.2, we're going to get more doses of laughter and randomness, and I hope we get a pinch of Marceline and Princess Bubblegum's back story along the way, too.
Yeah I know people say (or on AT's Facebook) season 5 has been more weirder than previous one. But I disagree. I think every season has had it's mix of weird episodes but there's some deeper ones that have a story.

When I saw this, I was like yes. I've always imagined her with bangs and I'm so glad that the Adventure Time team finally gave her some. Other than that, I think her outfit in that ep looks amazing -- I've always adored her for her fashion sense and plain awesomeness.
Her bangs grew on me after the episode. It's definitely a neat and different look for her.

These are old pictures, but okay.



I'm always jealous when seeing people with a Finn hat cause I've been wanting one for a long time.
I like the Jake plush too!
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