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    Originally Posted by archclan View Post
    Hi there I played a couple hours but im having this problem in the mysterious factory where u team battle with team meteor. it saves my game but everytime i fight any of them it gives me "script is too long" and shuts down the game :/ any help?
    From my FAQ:
    Almost always, this happens as a result of someone using the animated sprites when their computer can't quite handle it.
    If you are indeed getting this error using the animated sprites, you have a couple options:
    1) If it is only a specific Pokemon that causes the hang, go into Pokemon Reborn/Graphics/Battlers find that Pokemon's animated file, and delete it. This will revert to the static sprite for that Pokemon only.
    2) Revert to using the static sprites for the game over all. This is the all-inclusive fix for this problem if it happens a lot.
    Let me know if that isn't the case.

    Originally Posted by Wildlian View Post
    I downloaded the game but when I extract the files I get an error
    Sounds like it probably didn't download all the way.:I If the download's incomplete, it'll do that. Maybe try again?
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