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    Yeah, I know all the spots are reserved but in case one falls through I'm just going to put a SO here anyways. Hope that's okay. Cheers.
    → Name: Nycteus "Nick" Richards
    → Age: 18
    → Gender: Male
    → Personality:
    Nycteus is described as people who know him as a very intense persona. He simply wants to be the best Pokémon trainer in the world. For his entire life, he has watched old televised gym battles, especially Blaine, the gym leader on Cinnabar Island. Nycteus loved the intensity put forth by Blaine during battles, as well as the fire type pokemon, which he grew an extreme fondness for during his childhood. From the moments when he saw Blaine scorch his opponents in gym battles, only losing a few, Nycteus wanted to become a Pokémon trainer to be as legendary as Blaine has become.

    Fortunately for him, his father was an expert on Pokemon, having a wide variety of Pokémon to play with and battle with during his youth. This has made Nycteus very comfortable with Pokémon, allowing him to have more confidence during his battles. This backfires though, as everyone has their faults and Nycteus is prone to mental lapses, which hinder his battling abilities occasionally. He keeps his pokemon team disciplined and usually allows more than 1 Pokémon out of their Pokéball at the same time.

    He is a man of few words, but ones that are close to him are easily able to get a lot of information of him. As he becomes more open, he allows himself to speak more, and expresses his sense of humor. Full of snickers and giggles, he becomes a joy to be around.

    Growing up in Goldenrod City, he wasn't close enough to become a Pokémon trainer during his youth, and instead of graduating high school, he has decided to make the travel to New Bark Town with the blessing of his parents to make his dream come true.

    → Appearance: Nycteus is usually seen in a plain black t-shirt and a pair of blue jeans. His backpack is red, and holds his sweater for colder weather, potions, TMs and all of the other miscellaneous things that Pokémon trainers encounter. On his belt, is a Pokéball holster, along with a zippered black pouch that contains all of his empty Pokéballs.

    His hair is very normal for a boy his age, jet black and short. Covering it is a deep blue bandana folded so it covers his forehead. His black facial hair is now beginning to come in, and is usually sporting five o'clock shadow. His deep blue eyes are piercing, but inviting. He is built averagely and looks very average for his age.

    → History:
    Born in Goldenrod City, Nycteus has always led a very privileged life. His father, Kurt Richards taught him everything he knows about Pokémon, allowing him to adjust to being around and training Pokémon at a very young age. During his youth, he watched old Pokemon battles of Blaine, the Gym Leader from Cinnabar Islands, and envied every single thing that he did. Being his favorite trainer, Nycteus wanted to emulate him. Being from Goldenrod, he got to watch gym battles there as well. He took in everything that he possibly could when he was young in order to hopefully one day go off on a Pokémon journey. His mother, Janice Richards was also a respected Pokémon breeder back in her day, but has since retired.

    Nycteus was well known in many social circles throughout Goldenrod as "the next big trainer", as his father bragged him up to be. His mother didn't agree with Nycteus becoming a full on trainer, and attempted to discourage it. This was met with resistance from his father, who still believed that Nick was a Pokémon prodigy. If he ever had the chance to go on a journey and defeat the Elite Four and become League Champion, he would be a mega celebrity in his town. That wasn't his dream, of course - that was just the perks of doing what he loved, training Pokémon and going on an adventure, something he's never had the opportunity to do before.

    During his teens, he was not allowed to go on an adventure, as his parents justified that they lived too far away from New Bark Town to get Nycteus there in time. This seemed to happen every single year, until he turned 18, when they finally obliged. During this times, rumours of Team Zeta were turning from whispers into full fledged stories and fables. It didn't phase Nycteus much, as he is confident enough in himself to handle himself in the Pokémon world... And to New Bark Town he headed.

    → Starter Selection:

    Timid Nature
    Moveset: Tackle, Leer, Flare Blitz (Egg Move)

    → RP Sample (Just so I can see how you RP. If you don't have one make up a little prologue explaining why you're leaving for the journey.)

    Act I, Chapter IV
    Day 1

    "Come on Bulbasaur, we had best get to Viridian soon." Century picks the Pokéball with Pidgey in it up off of the ground, as he notions towards the way they had came.


    They began on their hike back to the road leading right into Viridian City. Century felt as if he had walked this path not very long ago, which is true, considering he had came down the road to get to Pallet Town in the first place. They walk together for about fifteen minutes, before finally reaching the end of Route 1. The bright lights of Viridian City light up Century and Bulbasaur's view, as the daytime sky had fallen to dusk.

    Century and his companion walk into Viridian, seeing the sign giving directions where everything is. Route 22 to the West, Route 2 to the North, Pokémon Center to the East.

    "We had best go to the Pokémon Center first and get Pidgey and Nidoran all healed up before we go forward." Century says with a drop of worry in his voice. The Pidgey he had caught looked very, very weak when he was captured. He was hoping that now Nurse Joy could make both of his new Pokémon recover.

    "Bulllba!" Bulbasaur says, sounding a little hurt.

    "And you too, of course." Century says with a bit of a smile. They hurry off to the Pokémon Center, and are greeted by Nurse Joy at the door.

    "Hi, may I help you today?" She says in her always eccentric-ly happy voice. It was almost impossible for somebody to be happy and so peaceful for so long.

    "Yes, I need my Pokémon healed, please." Century speaks very calmly.

    "OK, I'll need to see your Pokémon then." Nurse Joy says, looking at Century through her shining eyes.

    "Alright. Give me a moment." He pulls out the two Pokéballs containing Pidgey and Nidoran from the interior of his leather coat before pulling out a third one, and pointing it towards Bulbasaur.

    "Bulllba!" He says, almost sounding like he didn't want to go in the Pokéball. Century hesitates, before placing the Pokéball back on the inside of his jacket.

    "You can take him like this, right?" Century asks, placing both of the Pokéballs and Bulbasaur on the counter.

    "Of course." She nods in approval, her pink hair seeming to move freely.

    "Excellent. When will they be healthy again by?" Century asks, just out of curiosity.

    "Early tomorrow. It's best if you get some rest as well." She says, before pointing to a room in another direction. The trainers room, he presumed.

    "I am a little tired." Century thought to himself, as his tired mind began to wander. "Thank you." He says allowed, and turns on his heels to go to the room in which he had been directed.

    The walk across the room seemed to take forever, as he eventually finds himself laying on top of a nice, warm and comfortable bed.

    This was only the first day. It had been a long journey to Pallet Town from Viridian, and going back to Viridian. But this felt like the right direction.

    Century hung his black leather jacket on one of the bedposts, tucking his sunglasses in the right breast pocket and laid on the bed, letting his eyes close shut before drifting away to sleep.

    Day 2

    The glint of sunshine coming through the window of the Trainer's room was enough to disturb Century from his sleep, as he blinked his eyes a couple of times before opening them. He looked at his Pokédex. Eight o'clock AM. Time to rise and shine. He got out of bed and proceeded to make his ways to the bathroom. Taking a couple of supplies from his backpack, like a toothbrush and toothpaste, Century got ready. After having a hot shower, he felt completely refreshed.

    "Good thing that there's a shower here." He thought to himself, as this could be the last time he might be showering in a long time. The long treks in between cities may cause him to stay overnight in the wilderness, out with the Pokémon. But that didn't bother him. He was here to be a trainer and he was going to be the very best.

    Century proceeded to get dressed and spike his hair up in front of one of the mirrors in the stall he was located in. His white t-shirt is shortly covered up by his black leather jacket. He reaches into the right breast pocket and places his sunglasses on top of his head.

    He walks out of the room and makes his way over to the front desk of the Pokémon Center, to be met by Nurse Joy. It always blew Century's mind how there was always somebody attending the front desk.

    "Ah, hi Chris!" Nurse Joy smiles at him, "Your Pokémon are healed, good as new!" She says with a large, toothy smile that only the most good-hearted of people could make.

    People calling Century by his real name always threw him off. Ever since he had left home he had decided to go under the moniker of Century. But, his Trainer Card was required to have his first and last name on them, no monikers. So it was hard to avoid being called by his real name now.

    "Thank you." He manages awkwardly after a pause. Nurse Joy hands Century his two Pokéballs, and Bulbasaur.

    "See you soon!" She says, and Century nods and spins on his heels.

    "Bullba!" His Bulbasaur says brightly, happy to see him. Century places him on the ground and places his Pokéballs back in the holsters inside of his jacket, before leaving the Pokémon Center, with his Bulbasaur walking beside him.

    The bright sun which shone down on the Kanto region right now was especially glaring. Century pulled his black sunglasses off of the top of his head and placed them onto his nose, effectively eliminating the sun from reaching his light-sensitive eyes.

    He continued to walk through Viridian City, looking at the Pokémart from a far away distance. He needed to stock up on a couple of things, so he waltzed over in that direction. Once inside, he removes his sunglasses and marvels at all of the items covering the walls. The shop was absolutely spotless, like it had never been used before.

    "Hi, may I help you?" A shopkeeper from behind the counter calls out to Century and his Bulbasaur.

    "Yes. I need about fifteen Pokéballs, three potions and a town map." Century walks up to the counter and says, looking the shopkeeper in the eye.


    A pause from the shopkeeper, who seems confused. "A town map?" He asks, questioningly. "I thought every trainer got one when they began their Pokémon journey.

    "I lost mine. It's a long story." Century sighs.

    "Very well. That'll be forty dollars." The shopkeeper says with an icy tone in his voice. Century reaches into his back pocket, pulling out his wallet and hands the shopkeeper two twenty dollar bills.

    "Thanks." Century says somewhat awkwardly before turning on his heels and leaving with Bulbasaur.

    Century gets outside and scans the outside surroundings. A small restaurant is nearby, but Century doesn’t feel that hungry. Bulbasaur was fed by Nurse Joy when the he stayed at the Pokémon Center, so Century had a feeling that neither he, nor his other Pokémon were hungry at this point.

    He passes the small house that he stayed in the night before, before he started his Pokémon journey. A modest house, it was definitely more than Century expected to be sleeping in for his first night on his adventure. Beside it was another house. There was a man outside appearing to be watering flowers, and Century just passes him by.

    “Hey! You there!” The man exclaims in what appears to be hysterics. Century and Bulbasaur spin on their heels, startled by the man’s sudden outburst. Century points to himself, making sure that he was the intended target. “Yes! You!” He yells. Century slowly walks over, confused. “Are you a new trainer?” The man asks.

    Century just simply nods.

    “I knew it! I could totally call it! You look like an amateur.” He says, before letting out a hearty laugh.

    “I really hope everybody I meet isn’t this high strung.” Century thought to himself.

    “Listen! I’ve been breeding Pokémon like Professor Oak but I haven’t been able to be quite as good as the Professor himself! I’m giving them away to all the new rookies. How would you like to take a look at what I got to offer?”

    Century shrugs his shoulders. “I guess…” Before he can finish, he is cut off by the game show host-esque voice of the man.


    Century and Bulbasaur follow the man into his house and there are three Pokéballs sitting on the table. “These are what you’re breeding? You only have three Pokémon?”

    “No! Don’t be stupid! These are just the three different types of Pokémon I have!”

    “Well, let’s see what they are then.”


    The man grabs each of the Pokéballs off of the table and releases them each one by one into the house. Century grabs his Pokédex immediately, because the three Pokémon that appear from the red laser light have not crossed his eyes before.

    ”Pansage, the Grass Monkey Pokémon. It shares the leaf on its head with weary-looking Pokémon. These leaves are known to relieve stress.”

    ”Pansear, the High Temp Pokémon. When it is angered, the temperature of its head tuft reaches 600º F. It uses its tuft to roast berries.”

    “Panpour, the Spray Pokémon. It does not thrive in dry environments. It keeps itself damp by shooting water stored in its head tuft from its tail.”

    Century stands there with his jaw slightly dropped.

    “So trainer! What’s it going to be?” The man asks again, with the game show host voice ringing out through the house once again.

    “Are you serious?”

    “Do I look serious?!” The man then manages the most serious face he can give.

    “They’re all such nice Pokémon.” Century says, as all three of the Pokémon begin to smile and interact with each other. “I’ll take a Panpour though.” Century kneels down and the water type Pokémon comes near. Century pets its soft tuft on the top of its head. Moist.

    “Pour!” The Pokémon emits in a happy cry. The man grabs Panpour’s respective Pokéball.

    “Panpour! RE-TUUUUURRRRRN!” The man shouts out in the voice that could smash the windows to his house. He then places the Pokéball in Century’s hand, who in turn puts it on one of the interior holsters on his jacket. “GOOOOD LUCK OUT THERE TRAAIINER!”

    Century does the best he can to not look completely confused. “Thank you very much.” Century says, extending his hand to shake the man’s hand. The man grips Century’s hand in one of the hardest shakes known to man.

    “GOOOOD LUCK!” Century then waves goodbye and turns on his heels as the man follows him outsides to return to ‘watering’ flowers.

    ”I should really head out to Route 22 and try to see what’s out there.” Century thinks to himself as Bulbasaur follows his lead.

    “Bulllb!” He says happily.

    Century and Bulbasaur come to the neck of Route 22, and Century reaches into his holster and takes out all of his Pokéballs, enlarging them all with a click of the center buttons.

    “Come on out, everyone!” He calls out, and Nidoran, Pidgey, and Panpour all come out of their Pokéballs. Bulbasaur looks extremely happy and goes to socialize with all of the other Pokémon. Pidgey looks better than he looked before smashing into a tree, and Century’s Nidoran isn’t completely covered by seeds. Century kneels down, before taking off his backpack and reaching into one of the pockets, taking out a snack for each of the Pokémon and feeding them accordingly.

    “How about we make our group a little bigger?” Century asks his groups and is met with a resounding bunch of calls from his Pokémon. Alright.

    “Nidoran! Pidgey! Panpour! Return!” Century says out loud, holding out three Pokéballs, and one by one, returns each Pokémon to their respective Pokéballs. Century then begins to walk through Route 22 with his Bulbasaur by his side.

    “Bulllba!” Bulbasaur says in a very happy tone.

    ”He must be happy I got him some friends.” Century thinks to himself as he looks down at Bulbasaur, who is pointed in a completely different direction. Century turns to look the way he is facing, and in the pasture through a couple trees, is a Pokémon striking a tree. Century pulls out his Pokédex.

    ”Machop, the Superpower Pokémon. It loves to work out and build its muscles. It is never satisfied, even if it trains hard all day long.

    “Interesting.” Century says to himself under his breath. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a Pokéball. Bulbasaur looks somewhat confused. “Sorry Bulbasaur, but this isn’t the fight for you.” Although he looks somewhat disappointed, Century infers that Bulbasaur can understand that this fight wouldn’t go quite in his favor. “Pidgey! Go!” Century calls out, and the small Bird makes its way out of a red laser. “Let’s get that Machop!” Century calls out loud.

    “Pidg!” His Pidgey seems happy to do the job.

    “Pidgey, use Tackle on the Machop!” Century’s call has attracted the attention of the opposing Machop, who immediately gets in a fighting stance. The tree Machop had been attacking his broken at the bark, indicating that this Machop lives up to it’s reputation. Pidgey swoops up into the air before coming down and hitting Machop, before swinging back up into the air.

    “Pidgey, try using Sand-Attack!” Century calls out once more and Pidgey hovers over the Machop before flapping its wings repetitively, bringing up a little bit of dirt and sand. The Machop rubs his eyes. “Use another Tackle, Pidgey!” The Pidgey swoops up into the air and comes down and hits Machop, but at the same time, the Machop manages to hit Pidgey with a Low Kick. Pidgey loses it’s way and for a second it looks as if Pidgey is going to repeat flying into a tree, but luckily regains her path before swooping up into the air once more.

    “Pidgey!” Century’s Pidgey seems happy with the way it had recovered.

    “Use Sand-Attack again!” Century calls out. Pidgey is more than happy to oblige and sends Sand and Dirt particles up into the air again, blinding the Machop. “That’s good for now, Pidgey! Return!” Century calls out, and presses the center button the Pokéball to turn Pidgey into nothing more than a beam of red light. Century reaches into his holster and pulls out another Pokéball. “Nidoran! It’s your time now!” He calls out, and Nidoran emerges from a red light.

    “Nido!” It calls out, looking directly at the Machop.

    “Nidoran! Use Peck!” Century calls out, and Nidoran charges at the Machop, before hitting it with his horn. Machop however returns the favor, sprinting at Nidoran before hitting striking him with a Low Kick. “Use Peck again, Nidoran!” Century orders, and Nidoran hits the Machop with his horn once more. The Machop stops for a moment, kneeling down to attempt to get the sand out of his eyes.

    “Alright Nidoran! This is time to show me what you got! Use everything you can and Peck him!”

    “Nido!” Nidoran charges at the Machop, and hits him with his horn right in the head. The Machop stumbles backwards, before falling directly on it’s back.

    “Good job, Nidoran!” Century commends his Pokémon, before reaching into the right interior of his jacket and pulling out an empty Pokémon. Pressing the button on the center to enlarge it, he throws it at the Machop, and a red beam of light emits from the Pokéball before sucking the Machop in.

    It rocks on the ground gently as Century, Nidoran and Bulbasaur watch on eagerly.

    Ping, Ping, Ping

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