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    I would really want to do my own pokemon game but i don't have the time, skill or patience to do it. If I do plans for pokemon game i hope somebody could consider doing it (game coder with no ideas). I can do some sprites to it. PM if interested.

    Games outfit is same kind of as in silver/gold. It has new pokemons: starters and legendaries.
    You're finally old enough to have you're own pokemon. You go see professor Eddie who gives you one of the starters (fire, water or grass). After that he tells you about the pokemon league and you decide to take part to it. But then the lights goes out. It's completely dark and suddenly the lights come back. Eddie notices that the two other starters were stolen during the darkness. You find a note. It says: "My name is blackie and im the greatest pokemon trainer in the world. I stole your pokemons." You promise to prof. eddie you get the stolen pokemon back. Then you start your journey...

    Blackies den
    unholy cave
    mount doom
    pokemon league

    Trattown: small village where your home is
    Adylen town
    Wain city
    Rock city
    Gold town
    Razz town
    Kin town
    Qediar city
    Dark fortress

    gym leaders:

    pokemon league:

    elite four:

    blackie's den:
    Ultimate Monotype Challenge Fighting

    Kanto - Started
    Johto - Not Started
    Hoenn - Not Started
    Sinnoh - Not Started
    Unova - Not Started
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