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    The crack in the hole to the forest's sword is unnoticed by many...
    A small child, by the name of Link is on a mission to collect a sword and a shield. A Kokiri boy tells him of a secret hole, known to many as the Hole of Z. Link is about to enter, when he notices the crack. Being curious, he touches it...
    The entire wall caves down. The sword is lost forever.


    Link, the Kokiri boy that grew up still lives in the forest. An outcast he is, from the other children. The Deku Tree's Spirit gaurds the Kokiri, since he died in vain. Then, in the middle of the night, the Deku Spirit leads Link into Hyrule Field. Much has changed...
    The King of Theives, Ganondorf has taken over Hyrule. By stealing the three Spiritual Stones, he opened the Door of Time. There, the Master Sword waited. Using the magic of the Gerudos, he extracted the sword's spirit, Fi, and pulled the now normal sword out of the pedestal. The Sacred Realm corrupted at his touch. The Triforce went to Ganondorf, Zelda, and the Triforce of Courage remained in the realm. No one was worthy enough.

    Link slowlys escapes Gerudo watches, which knew today the Hero which would bring the Destruction of the Gerudo King. Their oracle, the lost Oracle of Time had been tortured to tell. Ganondorf searches the forest for Link, but he is gone. He stays in Kakariko Fortress. There, two famous bladesmiths of Termina, offer to forge the Kakariko Blade.
    As Link journeys through the broken Hyrule Kingdom, he tries to tear apart Ganon's control over the land. He battles the Deku Spirit, cursed, to save Kokiri Forest from Twilight. He saves hidden stone of the Gerudos from a Steel Knuckle. He defeats the evil King Wind Fish in a sword duel to save the Zoras.

    Then, Ganondorf knows he will try to enter the Temple of Time. Ganon pulls the Master Sword out of the pedestal again, to destroy it. Link barely saves the sword from Ganon's forces. Though the sword in no more powerful than his old Kakariko Blade. The Elemental Medallions are needed to restore its power.
    Finally, with the medallions, he battles the legendary Ganon.

    Unfourtunetly, Ganon swipes Zelda, which slowly kills her. Zelda tells Link that he must collect the three pieces of the Triforce to fullfill his destiny. Zelda gives Link the Triforce of Wisdom. Then, Link returns to the Hole of Z, and a portal to a new realm opens. There, he collects the Triofrce of Courage. Finally, with two pieces in hand, he battles Ganondorf with the Blade of Evil's Bane and the two Triforces pieces. Link does the finished blow and Ganon falls backwards off the tallest tower in his castle. Link hears a gut-renching scream as Ganon falls into the lava moat around his castle.
    The final Triforce piece flies up to Link as the other two react. Link returns to a time seven years ago. The Triforce has sealed the crack, forever. Link picks up the Kokiri Sword, and continues the stroy as the Hero of Time.


    Ganon's Castle: The most evil place in Hyrule.
    Undead City: Used to be Hyrule Castle Town. Full of Redeads and Stalfos.
    Kakariko Fortress: The Shekiah are protecting their village from Ganondorf's evil powers.
    Gerudo Ranch: The Gerudos breed the finest black stallions.
    Zora's Volcano: Death Mountain previously
    The Graveyard: Much larger due to Ganondorf's bloody reign.
    Hyrule Field: Dark and gloomy
    Kokiri Forest: Withered and full of evil plants.
    Dead Deku Tree: Covered in burns when Ganondorf stole the Kokiri's Emerald.
    Twilight Woods: The Lost Woods, worse...
    Ganon's River: Zora's River is now Ganons
    Ganon's Fountain: The water powers Ganondorf's evil factories.
    Lake Hylia: Little more than a empty crater.
    Gerudo Valley: Twinrova guards the valley.
    Gerudo's Castle: Their fortress, much more evil.
    Grand Desert: The wasteland is no longer. You may see Goron camps here
    Desert Colossus: Houses the Ganondorf Temple.

    Major Deaths in the Lost Warrior: (This game is going to be dark)

    Kokiri Race: After you leave Kokiri Forest
    Darunia: Starvation
    Ruto: Digested by Jabu-Jabu
    Impa: Killed while defending Zelda
    King and Queen of Hyrule: Struck down by Ganondorf
    Nabooru: Killed for being a traitor
    Zelda: Ganondorf finishs her off. She gives Link her Triforce
    Kakariko Villagers: Destroyed by Ganondorf
    Ganondorf: Link kills him in the end. Zelda's spirit returns Link to the beginning of the game. Link carrys out the Ocarina of Time story.


    Gorons - In campsites around Hyrule. Near extinction.
    Zoras - King Wind Fish has brought the Zoras to evil.
    Hylians - Hiding in Karkariko Fortress
    Shekiah - Fighting Ganondorf's evil
    Undead - In Undead City
    Gerudos - Main race of Hyrule
    Kokiri - Hiding in their houses in Kokiri Village
    Twili - In the Twilight Woods.
    Darknuts - Ganon's main fighters.


    Forest Temple (In Twilight): The north part of the Lost Woods is now owned by the Twili race.
    Item: Fairy Bow
    Boss: Deku Spirit
    Reward: Twili's Emerald

    Gerudo's Castle: The Gerudo's are the main race of Hyrule
    Item: Gerudo Bomb Bag
    Boss: Steel Knuckle
    Reward: Gerudo's Ruby

    Zora's Volcano: Ganondorf is testing the Zora King of Evil by moving the Zoras in the volcano.
    Item: Boomerang
    Boss: King Wind Fish
    Reward: Zora's Sapphire

    Hyrulian Dungeons: Below Undead City
    Items: Ice Arrows, Lens of Truth
    Boss: Ganonodorf 1st Time
    Reward: Master Sword

    Dead Deku Tree: Explorer the charred interior of the Deku Tree.
    Item: Fire Arrows
    Boss: Deku Spirit
    Reward: Forest Medallion

    Dodongo's Cavern: Bring the Gorons back home!
    Item: Megaton Hammer
    Boss: Emperor Dodongo
    Reward: Fire Medallion

    Ganon's Water Factory: The dark factories at Ganon's Fountain
    Item: Longshot
    Boss: Stalmaster
    Reward: Water Medallion

    Impa's Grave: The grave of Impa
    Item: Hover Boots?
    Boss: Acroskulltula
    Reward: Shadow Medallion

    Ganondorf Temple: Hidden in the Desert Colossus
    Item: ???
    Boss: Stone Defender
    Reward: Spirit Medallion

    Sacred Realm: The corrupted realm
    Item: Light Arrows
    Boss: Ganondorf 2nd Time
    Reward: Light Medallion

    Ganon's Castle 1st Time: Save Zelda!
    Item: ???
    Boss: Ganon 1st Time
    Reward: Triforce of Wisdom

    The Hole of Z: The place your destiny broke
    Item: ???
    Boss: Destiny
    Reward: Triforce of Courage

    Ganon's Castle Final Time: Finish Ganondorf off
    Item: ???
    Boss Ganondorf Final Time, Ganon Final Time
    Reward: Triforce of Power


    Antiforce: Collect the three pieces to unlock many hidden rooms in dungeons!



    Under Construction by PCManiac

    Coming soon for Project Zelda Engine Update 4.

    I need a a spriter to work on this project. (If anyone knows a good website to get Zelda sprites or a spriter, tell me!)

    Spriter - I will need sprites in ALttP style.

    Thanks To,
    Myself - For running this game.
    Frisky - For the amazing logo
    PZE Team - For their engine and hard work.
    Darknessoul - Mapping
    Xabia - Gave ideas for equipment.
    PokeLord3 - Some story plans
    Demon Lord - Checked my ideas
    PCManiac - A Few Scripts, Creating Traliers
    Rainroll89 - Dungeon Ideas
    Poecollecter - Surfing the internet for sprites.

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