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@IceFyr: In a month or two, when the next day finally comes. :U

Or rather, that's when you get (See: are asked to teach) a class. You can CHOOSE to teach students any time you please, simply by having your teacher character approach a student and start...well...spreading knowledge! As a teacher at the academy, you have a lot of freedom as to how you teach. So you can literally have your teacher just start lecturing a student in the hallway, or challenge a student to a battle in order to teach them that way.

But yeah. Structured traditional classes only occur once per day, and the day only started relatively recently, and days tend to move very slowly here. So. That ain't happening for a while and I'd have to heavily advise you don't wait for it. |D

Regardless. There is a list of accepted characters on the front page that is reasonably updated. I'd advise checking out a character you might like to interact with, sending their RPer a VM, figuring out where that character is, and then deciding whether to throw your teacher at them. c:

@ImEvil: Well, the issue is that pokemon joining their trainers voluntarily has become a cliche that I've been forced to crack down on due to overuse by putting the bar higher for getting away with it. A trainer battles wild pokemon to catch them because they want that trainer to prove they're worthy through a test of skill. Kindness is not a skill. So if you want to have it just up and join him instead of being given to him or catching it in a normal fashion then you're going to need to explain this whole abuse thing well enough that I can say you've earned the ability to get away with it.

Honestly, I'd recommend simply rewriting that part of your SU a bit so you don't have to deal with this. There's only one other cliche I'm currently cracking down on and that's non-psychic pokemon with telepathy/pokemon who verbally speak English.

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