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    Science puts the ability to feel pain at 27 weeks (almost all doctors reject the baseless "20 weeks before you can feel pain" claim), and no 20 weeks birth has ever survived. The earliest birth to survive is 21 weeks, but the survival rate of anything below 25 is very low, to the point that doctors tend to have a mindset of comfort care rather than giving them active medical care (or often can't, because they're too small to do anything with).

    Second trimester abortions are incredibly rare(1% of all abortions, according to Planned Parenthood), and while the exemptions given (to rape/incest victims and when the mother's life is at risk) do cover some of the reasons it's done, it completely ignores that severe fetal anomalies are another major reason abortions are performed at that point in the pregnancy, and it should be noted that major health risks and severe fetal anomalies can’t be detected until the 20-week ultrasound. This effectively means that many women who otherwise would've had a second trimester abortion because of a severe issue in their fetus will be forced to carry it until it dies within them.

    So you can see that it's almost meaningless to start with, by trying to ban something incredibly rare but giving exception to almost all the reasons it's done, but it's more a small step in the GOP's wider attacks on abortion and those who provide them than any real attempt to do anything. It's political pointscoring
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